$111.00 USD

Why She Buys 2 Day Workshop

Attract dream clients into your world who say HELL YES and PAY YOU ASAP without getting ghosted or receiving 100 objections. 

If you’re ready to sign high end clients and raise your rates, this 2 Day Live Workshop is for you.

In this TIMELESS 2 day workshop I’m going to teach you:

  • How to become a SOUGHT AFTER personal brand where clients bang down your doors to pay you IN FULL (instead of just being seen as “inspiring.)”
  • Micro Shifts you can make to your messaging to begin attracting premium clients regularly into your DM’s (and mistakes to avoid)
  • Master the art of the “subtle sell” in your content to attract regular buyers and 2-10X your income (without sounding salesy or pushy)
  • Understand high level client psychology and WHY SHE BUYS
  • Receive a weekly content structure to follow with MONEY MAKING content prompts so that you never run out of ideas/content 

This workshop is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve been attracting clients inconsistently and you’re ready to upgrade your messaging so that dream clients can pour into your world from everywhere
  • You find a lot of resistance/blocks around writing and you’re ready for a more effortless and intentional process and for content to POUR out of you as well as increase your engagement and the amount of NEW clients coming through
  • You’re ready to go from being seen as “inspiring” to feeling confident in your ability to attract premium clients who are a best fit for you (and EVEN have them PAY IN FULL)
  • You want to know how to talk to premium clients and learn the strategy behind it (instead of “flowing” with your content 100% of the time

**Because of the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. 

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