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Human Design For Business Bundle (Pre-Sale)

The following trainings are included in this bundle 👇

👽  How to LAUNCH by Design using your Human Design Strategy

👽  COPY LAB WITH TASHA CHRISTY: Embodying the energy of your type/strategy in your content + copy

👽  Branding using Human Design + Gene Keys 

👽 Raising the Frequency of your Human Design Centers

👽  How to Sell From Your Centers with Guest Christine Michelle

HERE'S MY STORY with Human Design :)

6 months ago I was TERRIFIED to go live and put myself out there online.

As a manifestor I knowwww how powerful my voice is. It's literally a megaphone 

But I was scared to use my voice for fear of not knowing enough or it not being good enough or it not being perfect.

As a manifestor it's pretty common for us to not fully trust ourselves.

But as I dove deeper into human design and Gene keys and REALLY embodied my manifestor strategy and power, my confidence, trust in myself, and magnetism has skyrocketed.

Now I have such trust in the universe, trust that I'm fully supported, and trust that everything works out exactly as its meant to.

I used to be scared that people won't like me, or that I'm being TOO MUCH.

But now I know that the more ME I am, the people meant to find me will find me and I will INITIATE them and activate them in ways even I can't really explain.

Embodying my human design in my business has brought so much peace and ease to my business and to my clients businesses.

My clients always leave my containers aligned, in flow, trusting in the universe, at ease, working less and LOVING LIFE

That's my life's work gene key after all: DELIGHT

There is no work more important in this world than PLAY.

👁 It's all about serendipity.

"Good fortune comes to you when your attitude becomes lighter and less grasping." 

And that it was gene keys and human design has allowed me and clients to do.

✨ Flow with and fall in love with life

✨ Magnetize money and clients

✨ Allow in synchronicity and delight

And so much more!

This Human Design for business bundle is JAM PACKED with value and will get you well on your way towards building an aligned business by design.

To manifesting magic,