$333.00 USD

Codes to CA$H

Create clarity, confidence, clients & CASH!

Codes to Cash is a Strategy Based program where we will be focusing on 3 main pillars that I believe are THE MOST IMPORTANT to see ABUNDANCESUCCESS in your coaching business:

ā†’ Premium Messaging

ā†’ Personal Brand Strategy

ā†’ Visibility & Sales

By the end of the container you will feel EXTREME CLARITY on exactly what you need to do to elevate your personal brand, land your messaging to call in high level clients, and amp up your visibility to set yourself up for success in 2023.

Each day I will be dropping a spicy 15 minute or less audio that you can take, implement, and get results right away.

Instead of spending hours listening to Zoom on a Live call, Iā€™m giving you exactly what you need to hear in a condensed fashion. 

It will be legendary. 

Topics we are diving into šŸ‘‡

āœ”ļø Mindset shifts that will take you from a mindset of survival and scarcity and "never enough" to THRIVING. 

āœ”ļø Best Practices for selling Masterminds, 1:1 coaching, Group programs, and Evergreen

āœ”ļø Embodying your BRAND Gene Key and discovering your X FACTOR to make you stand out online as a personal brand

āœ”ļø My favorite way to generate qualified leads (and get PAID for it!) Creating an ecosystem where clients come back and pay you time and time again.

āœ”ļø My secrets in How to DOUBLE your monthly sales/revenue during a launch and throughout the month :)

āœ”ļø The ULTIMATE Content Strategy for those WITHOUT a Niche that is clear, simple, and potent.

āœ”ļø Simple content tweaks that will have you Creating MORE MAGNETIC Content that attracts loyal fans

āœ”ļø Types of content to produce at different phases of your launch

āœ”ļø Stand Out Brand - Everything you need to know to become the GO TO in your Industry

āœ”ļø Tweaks to make in your messaging to call in exceptional clients

āœ”ļø Creating a visibility plan that gets you in front of new people consistently 

**Because of the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. 

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