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Femme Fortune

Femme Fortune is a 2 week NLP based RESULTS FOCUSED Telegram Audio Container that will show you how you can create the life + business of your dreams by tapping into your personal power and designing your mind for success.

 You’re like me. You got into the coaching space for the FREEDOM. You weren’t made for the 9-5. You were made for the hot sun, ocean breeze, and creating offers while eating acai bowls in your villa kinda vibe 👅🌴

SOOO my love. Here's the deal. One of your biggest desires is to hit those high cash months and feel total financial freedom. The kind of freedom where you can buy whatever designer clothes or purses you want, travel first class, live in luxury, and never have to check your bank account.💲💲

➝ You see your favorite mentors do it with ease. But checking off that to-do list and looking at everyone else isn’t leaving you fulfilled. It’s causing you to feel lost/stuck/in comparison and burnt out. 

➝ You’re striving for these arbitrary monthly income goals, X amount of women in your programs or X amount of views on your Reels in order to feel worthy but your inner light isn’t shining. 

I created Femme Fortune because I want you to become a MASTER of living life well. I want to see you reach your goals but not burn out or lose your passion in the process.

♡ I want to see you HAVE FUN and GLOW from the inside out because you are SO LIT UP and you FEEL SO ALIVE in your life 

Inside of FF 👇

➔ I will guide you through a proven framework based in NLP and Life & Success coaching to ignite your inner magnetism, guide you back to your purpose, and create true wealth from the inside out.

The biggest block to your wealth is the STORY you’re telling yourself about WHY you can’t have it.

Inside FF we are releasing these stories so that you can pave your own path to your Femme Fortune AND do it from a space of ALIVENESS and PLAY and FUN

This Telegram Container is PERFECT FOR YOU if:

➔ You want to wake up in the morning feeling so LIT UP and IN LOVE with your life.

➔ You want to be in complete overflow in both your life and in your biz and feel ALIVE in both areas.

➔ You want to stop comparing yourself to everyone else and discover YOUR true purpose and ignite the fire within you so that you can attract clients and money with ease

➔ You want to release the limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding you back from creating the life of your dreams. Examples: Fear of failure/success/rejection, lack of confidence, lack of follow through, procrastination, confusion.

I will deliver audio lessons and embodiment practices based in NLP and Life + Success Coaching that you can listen to that will recode your subconscious mind and put you on the path towards creating the life of your dreams.

➔ You want to experience the true meaning of WEALTH so that you can grow your FEMME FORTUNE from a space of ALIVENESS and PLEASURE and FUN 

➔ You want to create habits that allow you to continuously take action on your goals and finally FOLLOW THROUGH on your dreams

Through proven NLP + Life + Success coaching, you will learn to tap into your personal power and create forward movement and momentum towards reaching your biggest goals.

No more staying stuck in perfectionism and comparisonitis and wondering if what you have to teach is “enough.”

We’re activating the fire within you to create massive impact and legacy.

You will feel ALIVE in your business as your creativity flourishes and your corner of the coaching space SKYROCKETS with ease and purpose +  passion


⇢ 2 Weeks (maybe more! 😝)

⇢ Daily Audio Trainings M-F with NLP Techniques to design your mind for success 

⇢ BTS of how I am integrating the concepts and creating my own femme fortune

*Once you purchase, you will receive an email with your next steps.

I will be dropping in some PRE WORK here and there before the container begins. 

Day 1 Begins on October 10th.

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