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Create a Strong Personal Brand that attracts Perfect Match Clients into your DM's like a magnet using "Insta-Synergy" with your marketing, messaging, and unique Gene Key Codes.

PREMIUM is for you if you’re ready to let go of the old stories, programming, and  limiting beliefs in your current self/concept and DESIGN an entirely NEW identity so that you can create a PREMIUM Personal Brand that slices through the noise in the industry and attracts “FCK YES, I want to work with you” clients into your DM’s regularly.

By using Identity + Self/Concept work, embodying your unique Gene Key Gifts and applying an EPIC Visibility + Content plan, you will walk away with an ICONIC AF Personal Brand where clients say fck YES, I’M IN to you and all of your offers, experience increased followers and engagement, and feel so natural as you effortlessly broadcast your authenticity out into the world to magnetize dream clients. 

What are the Gene Keys?

I look at the Gene Keys as a spiritual tool/map for self healing, for coming back into alignment with my most natural essence, to learn what my unconscious shadow patterns are - sometimes we have blind spots and we don’t know why we are stuck/what’s holding us back and we keep coming up against roadblocks and we have these loops and patterns - so it’s also a really great spiritual tool for awareness. 

This spiritual tool is helping you come back home to yourself and become whole within yourself so that your entire life becomes a dance. 

When you start to contemplate the gift frequency of the Gene Keys - it actually recodes your DNA. Your DNA literally mutates and your frequency rises and you create a life of deeper purpose, more love, magnetism, and service and you start to lead a more harmonious and balanced life.

Inside of PREMIUM - we are going to be focusing on the PROSPERITY AKA the PEARL SEQUENCE.

The pearl sequence is all about service + impact and your greater mission. It will give you the greatest clarity on what you’re here TO DO. 

FOR COACHES & CREATORS- the codes in the Pearl sequence are incredible keys to play with. These are very practical ways that you can embody the essence of your brand, own your unique gift + mission + how you’re meant to activate others, and attract clients and grow your audience  in a way that is in alignment with your unique genetic coding. 



If you’re ready to go from…

👉 Struggling with the limiting beliefs of “I’m not good enough/smart enough/don’t have enough followers/know enough" and comparing yourself to others in the industry whose audience is HOT AF

👉 Having DEAD DM's with little to no new client inquiries and a "lull" in sales from what you are used to (which is making you nervous AF - like is the coaching industry struggling?!) 

👉 Feeling exhausted from putting so much time and effort into your content as you search for trending Reel sounds and study other successful coaches but STILL barely grow your audience and lack CLARITY around what makes YOU unique and Magnetic AF

And head straight for…

🥳 Having a POWERFUL, "FCK YES, I LOVE YOU" PERSONAL BRAND who attracts more “I’M IN” clients and slices through the noise in the industry

🥳 Being noticed and sought after for your unique gifts AND discovering what those gifts ACTUALLY are so you can effortlessly broadcast your authenticity out and be seen as the expert that you are

🥳 A flood of NEW inquiries from dream clients who JUST discovered you through your NEW visibility and content strategy

 🥳 An energy of play, lightness, BLISS, and creativity as you step into your HIGH OFF YOUR OWN SUPPLY era and NEW Identity + Reality because you've been romancing your FUTURE and you've let go of the stories and beliefs from your past identity


You wake up feeling inspired, light and creative AF because you have been embodying your unique Gene Key gifts and ROMANTICIZING TF out of your future.  It’s like SOURCE is literally flowing through you and you can’t wait to jump on your laptop to create and share your truth. It feels like your future has already happened and you’re in so much gratitude, so synchronicity after synchronicity keeps happening because you’re so aligned and on FIRE.

Dream clients are landing in your DM’s, you’re always in the right place at the right time, ideas and downloads are flowing through you, and you have built up sooo much momentum in your business because you’re in such FLOW with the quantum field AND you have mastered how to work with the quantum, so you are manifesting at hyperspeed.

It’s like nothing you have ever experienced.

BEFORE  Business felt hard and felt like so much work because you constantly had to DO so much AND you weren’t even sure if what you were doing was actually moving the needle.

NOW →  Not only do you have a visibility, content, and messaging strategy that gives you increased visibility and reach online so NEW people are finding you every day, but also you are in sync with your own unique Gene Key gifts AND with the quantum field.

This allows you to become a MAGNET to PREMIUM, soul fractal clients in a way that is unique to YOU. No longer are you trying “cookie cutter” strategies, but you’re embracing your own authenticity and shining your light. It’s a perfect blend of energetics + strategy that allows you to feel good, be in flow, and feel passion, fun, and ALIVENESS in your business.





What you'll get:

  • 8 weeks of LIVE activations, homework, and trainings
  • Weekly Office Hours & Homework Review
  • Private Telegram Community for support & feedback
  • Access to replays for life

By the end of Premium you will:

>> Experience heightened states of bliss, creativity, passion, excitement, and abundance as you embody your unique Gene Key Gifts and re-code your DNA so you can transmit an energetic frequency that is a match for your soul fractal clients

>>  Have an entirely NEW identity + self/concept and release all of the old stories and unconscious programming from the past so you can magnetize clients and money like crazy 

>> Feel so clear on your mission, beliefs, values, and unique gifts so you can easily and effortlessly broadcast your authenticity into the online space through your Personal Brand and be OBSESSED and feel PASSIONATE AF about what you’re creating

>> Nail your SALES FLOW for your offers so you can sign Premium clients at increased rates on repeat and receive more “I’M IN!” inquiries in your DM’s, instead of hearing crickets.

>> Have a clear visibility & content strategy so you can increase your followers, engagement, get seen by a bigger audience and have wayyyyy more HOT LEADS in your pipeline.

>> Have a more simplistic business model and offer suite that aligns with your Personal Brand and STILL makes wayyyy more money, instead of launching all of the time, constantly “winging it” and creating too many offers based off of the random ideas in your head without a good strategy.



Includes: 5 1:1 calls with me ($3,000 Value)

2 Months of PRIVATE WA with me ($3,000 Value)

$2500 (Payment Plan available upon request)

DM me on IG @thefemme_ceo for VIP!

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