Back in 2008, there was a big recession as you may remember. My father lost his job and it was at that moment when I decided I needed to have SECURITY.

Senior year of high school I had to choose which college I wanted to attend. I had two choices:

➝ Play Division 2 soccer on a scholarship


➝ Attend Ohio State University where both of my parents had gone.

I decided to visit OSU campus on St. Patrick’s Day. Which school do you think I decided to go to?!

I was always a straight A student, very perfectionist, but I still had ZERO CLUE what I wanted to do with my life. My first year of college was spent bonging beers at the fraternity houses and going out with my new sorority sisters. That Christmas break, my parents sat me down.


My neighbor told me that I would make a really incredible nurse! She told me there is so much opportunity in nursing and you’re guaranteed a job right out of college.

I remembered back to a time when finances were hard for my family and I remembered how much I wanted to have security. SO nursing it was!


Now let’s fast forward to 2018.


I was 4 years into working night shift on the pediatric BMT, oncology, and hematology unit.

When I wasn’t hanging chemotherapy, drawing blood cultures, and administering IV antibiotics and pain medicine, I was plotting my escape for my current reality.

Music festivals, weekend getaways, trips around the US. Anything so that I could keep my mind off of how stuck I felt and how out of place I felt. I KNEW this wasn’t where I was meant to be.

In January 2018 I took my VERYYY first trip across the globe to Thailand. It was there when everything cracked open and made me want to SCREAM. I NEEDED to be my own boss.


Upon my return I started a Travel Blog, Travel To The Beat. Each second of my down time was spent LEARNING. I was buying courses on how to grow your email list. I created a Facebook Group and started teaching what I knew. I was buying courses on blogging, Pinterest, Instagram, and creating a personal brand. My Instagram started to grow rapidly. From 1,00 followers, to 5,000, to 10,000, to 20,0000, to 30,000.

People started asking me how I was growing so quickly and so the idea for my first course, The Influencer Lab was born.

It’s now been 8 months since my Thailand adventure, and the love of my life has just broken up with me.

A stunning French girl on Instagram whom I never met invites me to Bali to heal my broken heart. I book my flight at 4 AM, drop my hours down at the hospital from 3 nights a week to 2 nights a week just so that I could have enough PTO to go.

It’s the most inspirational and transformative 3 weeks of my life. I see so many entrepreneurs living the freedom life I so desperately tasted but couldn’t actually live.

Upon my return to night shift, I come to learn that I actually made a HUGE MISTAKE on the unit right before I left for Bali, and I GET FIRED FROM MY NURSING JOB.

As I’m sitting in the parking lot of the hospital sobbing hysterically, wondering what the hell I’m supposed to do about my mortgage and $30,000 in student loan debt, IT BECOMES SO OBVIOUS. It’s the first time my intuition speaks to me.


So I pack my things, sell all of my furniture, sell my car and I arrive in Bali in January of 2019.

I join a Co Working space, put my head down, and get to work on creating The Influencer Lab, my very first course where I teach influencers how to get free and paid brand deals and hotel collaborations.

In May 2019 I fly to Thailand for a Visa run and I release my Instagram course with Live Webinars, Facebook Ads, THE WHOLE SHABANG!

What do you know? I manifested a $10,000 launch MY VERY FIRST LAUNCH.

After doing that first live webinar, I realized that my potential to earn money online is unlimited.

I’ll never forget lying on a hammock in Koh Tao, Thailand and watching the Paypal notifications rollllll in.


I decided in that moment that this was my calling. I want to teach others how to find the freedom that I’ve found.

How to unleash their true potential.

How to find their life’s purpose and create their own life by design.

A life better than their wildest dreams.

Now that you know my story and how I got to where I am, I’m SOOOOO excited to learn more about YOU! Whether you have been following along on my Instagram stories or have invested into my coaching or courses, I can’t wait to watch you create massive success, too!

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