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Are you ready to #LEVEL UP your business and turn it into a COSMIC CASH MACHINE?!

It’s time to say #PEACEOUT to your old money mindset and #HELLO to effortless CASH


Cosmic Cash Mastermind









6 weeks of video trainings PLUS epic bonus trainings from Amanda and Laura to take you from burned out and stressed out about money to feeling like a CEO QUEEN who calls in ALL THE CASH from alignment and flow. 
Together, Amanda and Laura will kick your ass into alignment, help you develop a millionaire mindset, and put systems in your business to scale.

☆ You’re struggling to SCALE past $5K months to CONSISTENT $10K+ months WITHOUT burning out

☆ You feel like your bank account is STUCK. Money comes in but then WHERE TF is it GOING? You just want to SAVE. Like… HELLO CAN I PLEASE HAVE $100K in SAVINGS 

☆ You’re seeing all of the other entrepreneurs have massive success and you’re stuck in comparison, wondering how they make it seem so easy  

☆ You’re tired of looking for the SECRET STRATEGY that’s going to move the needle forward in your biz. You’re ready to do things YOUR WAY. #letitbefuckingeasy

☆ You’re scared to SELL. You want it to feel authentic and you’re terrified of sounding salesy 

☆ Step into your next level identity. The one who hits $20K+ months WITH EASE

☆ Effortlessly sell from soul

☆ Magnetically attract your soul aligned clients with ease

☆ Finally get your bank account in order so that you can watch it grow EXPONENTIALLY

☆ Develop a rock solid sales mindset and money mindset and completely rewire your brain for SUCCESS

☆ Manifest your dreams into reality EVERY SINGLE TIME easily and effortlessly

Are you ready to finally let go of your old money stories ONCE AND FOR ALL, step into the BADASS POSH SPICE CEO role you were BORN FOR, and welcome in ALL THE CASH MONEY and dream clients WITH EASE

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to enroll in this HIGH VIBE COACHING CONTAINER and QUANTUM LEAP to $10K+ months.



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Hi, I’m LAURA!

6 months ago I was SO OUT OF ALIGNMENT. I was stuck in comparison with all of the other coaches. I felt like my bank account was stuck. I was making $4k-$8K months and I just wanted to get to consistent $10K-$20K months WHILE only working a couple hours a day. Was that even a thing?!

It seemed like HUSTLE was the name of the game. But that was NOT my game. I wanted to let it be fucking easy. I had all of the systems and strategies necessary to scale, but what was holding me back was my money mindset. I also needed to step into my TRUE POWER.


After applying Amanda’s NLP and money teachings consistently I was able to hit my DREAM $20K+ month in July from ALIGNMENT and FLOW.

Cosmic Cash Mastermind gives you the actionable CEO strategies and systems needed to scale, but also teaches the alignment, money mindset, and abundance we all have inside of us to succeed.


I am an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a yoga enthusiast, a wife, cat-mom, an early riser, coffee connoisseur, corporate dropout, aligned business owner, NLP Trainer and Certified Master NLP, Master Success & Life coach!

After spending the better half of a decade searching for fulfillment in the corporate world, chasing salary increases and "landing my dream job", I realized I was empty. I had completely lost my sense of purpose, realizing that I was in a constant state of boredom, chaos, and frustration.

I remember that vicious battle with my own negative self-talk, fears and "what-if's", but what I remember even more clearly was thinking "What if I succeed?".


That moment I decided that I was going to make it my life's mission to empower women from around the world to pursue their true calling by shifting their identity and smashing their fears, so that they too could create an authentic and fulfilling life, on their terms. Using the power of these highly effective tools, I have not only created massive success in my life, but my clients experience such magic that I had to share my secrets with the world. Through my NLP Certification, The Sparkle System we are continuing the world wide ripple of change and I am beyond proud of the massive impact the students are all having in the world!

I had always been a believer that we can have and do anything our heart desires. For me, coaching is the ultimate way to give back. It is my absolute obsession to help you connect with your inner badass, access your true identity , and unleash the inner magic that has been there all along.


The Cosmic Cash Mastermind is a 6 week live coaching experience designed to take you from stuck, frustrated and scared to finally creating the money breakthrough you need to get results better than your wildest dreams


You’ll also receive journaling exercises, EPIC spreadsheets, and homework, to actively implement and create what we learn together


This program is the PERFECT blend of inner and outer work to help you figure out your money shit once and for all and put SYSTEMS in place to SCALE your business.

We will create for you an ACTION PLAN that is split in TWO PARTS



6 WEEKLY LIVE Coaching calls with Laura + Amanda

Private Facebook Community

Access FOR LIFE to the exclusive online course library


Leads Generation + Tracking Your Leads like a CEO

Generating leads is a key system in your business. Let’s put a system in place that runs on AUTOPILOT and put a system in place to effortlessly track your leads so you NEVER LOSE ANYONE.


Sales Call Flow and Objection Handling:

Learn the secret FLOW to closing 80% of your sales calls by using powerful questioning, finding the leverage, painting the VISION, and saying your PRICE with CONFIDENCE. Oh.. and actually close ON THE CALL.


Manifest Your Soulmate Clients With Ease

Your dream clients were always MEANT to work with you. But limiting beliefs and thoughts prevent our soulmate clients from manifesting into our reality. In this powerful training Laura will teach you how she manifests her dream clients into reality. If you’re new to manifestation, this training will BLOW YO MIND.
Each of these trainings are going to start with a kick ass tapping sesh so you can get real and start to feel flowy! Have you tried EFT? BOOM your mind is about to be BLOWN. Talk about manifesting on steroids. Let’s align your internal energy to your physical 2.0 reality. 

Manifesting More Moolah

Creating consistent income is more about trusting yourself and taking consistent action to generate this constant flow. It’s not about having the perfect strategy or system, contrary to what you may think. It is about trust! 
Even as a business owner here to serve, you’re still, well, a BUSINESS OWNER.  Thus, as a business, one of your primary goals is to make money.  Otherwise, you’re just running a glorified hobby. And let’s be honest, you didn’t invest tons of money in this program to have a hobby, am i right?
So… the age old questions: How do I make more money, make money easier, make money faster, make consistent money, how do I manifest money in my business? Welllll it starts with MINDSET tadaaaa.!! So, unfortunately I am not going to give you all the answers because what works for me won’t necessarily work for you butttt i am here to guide you to your very own answers so you can start making that money honey!

Cosmic Cash Creator + Getting Cozy with Your Cash

The cosmic cash creator is the freakin’ bomb dot com. If you thought you were cozy with your finances, its time to light that candle… get a cup of coffee and get reallllll down and dirty with your relationship with money. Money hygiene is so freaking powerful and in this module you’ll receive the most powerful tool to keep yourself organized AND you will start getting flirty with the cash flow! I am giving you my secret sauce that has me magnetizing money on the reg.






Ballin like a billionaire

I know firsthand how scary getting down and dirty with your money is so using this incredibly fun and dreamy way of getting in touch with your desired life, we can get a comprehensive overview of where all your money is currently going so you can start ballin like a billionaire in no time. In this module we will future pace and visualize what you desire to be spending your money on in ballin billionaire lifestyle… but more importantly you will gain a clear understanding of where you are right now to where you desire to be.







Cosmic Cash Mastermind

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Lauren Eliz Love

7 Figure Spirituality + Success Coach

Quiana LaChe

YouTube Expert

Becky Feigin

Launching Expert

Meghan Lamle

Sales Psychology

Vianney Leigh

Understanding Your Period Cycle

Janna Herberg

Breathwork and Human Design

Shannon Lutz of Social Bungalow

Marketing and Lead Generation

Celinne DaCosta, Storytelling Magician

Using NLP and Storytelling to Build Your Business

Jamie Joslin King

AKA the Slay Coach

Bonus #1: Set Goals like a CEO

Learn how to set goals that easily come to life EVERY SINGLE TIME. Amanda will share her exact template and spreadsheet she uses to do this. EVERY SINGLE BIG DREAM we set manifests into reality and she is sharing with you EXACTLY how to do it!

Bonus #2: Hiring Your Dream Team + Outsourcing Like a Queen

Laura will teach you how to hire your SOULMATE DREAM TEAM and how to outsource like a QUEEN so you can stay in your zone of MAGIC and feel SO SUPPORTED. She will share with you her systems for managing her team, repurposing, and tell you exactly what she outsources so you can step into a powerful CEO role

Bonus #3: Time Traveling to Your Desired Reality

Do you feel like your day is going by and you’re not getting SHIT done? OR the opposite? You’re working 12 hours days and you have NO TIME to gym, hang with friends, or do what you LOVE? If you value FREEDOM and FLOW but your business is RUNNING YOU, it’s going to be harder to attract the money you want. This is where TIME TRACKING comes into play. It’s time to create a BALANCED LIFE, WORK LESS, HAVE MORE FUN, and MAKE MORE MONEY. Amanda will teach you how to time track with her kickass spreadsheet so you can create the reality you want!

Bonus #4: Sell Effortlessly From Soul

Do you HATE SELLING? Well. It’s time to fix that. Laura will completely transform your sales mindset so that you’re selling EVERY DAMN DAY with EASE without ever feeling salesly because YOU DAMN WELL DESERVE to LET THE MONEY FLOWW

Bonus #5: The CEO Flow

How is your schedule looking? Is it your DREAM SCHEDULE? Where you’re in flow every day! Working the hours you want on the days that you want? Laura will teach you her CEO FLOW and how to set your schedule and day up for MAD SUCCESS

Bonus #6: DM Magic

How are your DM’s going? Are you even having conversations in there? Laura will teach you how to sell in the DM’s authentically and build genuine relationships and transition into talks of coaching without ever feeling salesy 

Bonus #7: Word Catching + Thought Catching

One of the most important steps in translating your current reality’s thoughts into more empowering ones is to shift the way you think. WELL DUH! We want to create confidence and focus on the solution when it comes to dealing with negative thoughts and stinking thinking. Amanda will teach you how to observe the thoughts that you think every day and identify the story you're telling yourself. Next we will eliminate the negative thought patterns and replace them with thoughts that serve you

Bonus #8:EXCLUSIVE Cosmic Cash Mastermind Facebook Group Community


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