A 4 Day free LUXE experience to embody more EASE, FLOW, and PLEASURE in your business so that you attract next level wealth and clients with ease.


The past couple of months I have taken a DEEP DIVE inwards. Embodying my human design (MANIFESTOR EGO AUTHORITY, ⅖ BABYY!). Practicing REST and feminine energetics. Learning. Growing. Expanding. I can't wait to bring to you what I've come to learn about magnetism, the vulnerable lessons I’ve learned around wealth (receiving it AND having it), about balancing the divine masculine and feminine and allowing yourself to BE ALL OF YOU.

In this 4 day experience, you will receive the frequency of ease and pleasure I operate from.

As a line 2 in Human Design, I’m THE NATURAL and THE DANCER. I’m here to show you that things get to be easy, to inspire you to GO WITH THE FLOW, to change the thoughts that earning money has to be HARD. My life’s work and purpose is to show you how to be AT EASE, be in your physical body and enjoy the journey of life rather than the destination.

I love to combine NLP and Human Design to bring you back to who your soul came here to be. To heal. To expand. And to ignite the spark that is inside of you AKA INSPIRE TF OUT OF YOU.

You will leave this 4 day series feeling expansive, light, inspired, more deeply connected to yourself, magnetic, relaxed, and IN THE FLOW OF MONEYYYYY.


Subconscious Coding


Magnetism and Masculine/Feminine Energetics 


Embodying Your Human Design


Wealth Coding


Hi gorgeous, I’m Laura


I’m a free spirited Bali babe, Human Design expert, NLP, EFT, Time Techniques Practitioner, certified Life & Success Coach.

Manifestor Ego authority ⅖

One of the biggest limiting beliefs I held around scaling from $10K months to consistent $20K months was that I had to DO MORE.

I had to create more offers.

I had to post MORE content.

I had to LEARN MORE and INVEST more into coaching.

I thought I needed MORE strategy. A funnel with Facebook Ads? Let’s try it! (FAIL!) The perfect launch plan?! Sure! (Insert pressure and stress!)


It wasn’t until the private coaching with my mentors ended and I was on my own that I finally gave myself the space to start listening to my body and tuning into my own intuition that the money started FLOWING. From inconsistent $4-$7K months to $20K months, to be exact.

I started following and embodying my Human Design and BEING FULLY SELF EXPRESSED in my own Manifestor way

I reworked my subconscious mind with NLP and reprogrammed my thoughts and beliefs

I felt TOTALLY FREE and completely trusted in MYSELF and my POWER and in the UNIVERSE and business became FUN AGAIN and I released ALL OF THE PRESSURE

I was in TOTAL FLOW. Resting and working just a couple days a week. Going out with my girlfriends when I wanted. Having fun. NO PRESSURE. Just ease.

I also became HOTTER somehow, no joke. I had a glow-up. Ask my friends.

I stepped into my feminine energy and allowed myself to RECEIVE with greater ease. I manifested new friendships, a dream villa in a TREEHOUSE, dream clients, $20K months. 


I was literally living in a completely DIFFERENT reality.

It’s not a secret strategy you’re missing, I promise.

It’s guiding you back to your power and your feminine flow and EMBODYING wealth and magnetism.

It’s about BEING all of you, unapologetic AF, and SHIFTING your inner being on a soul level so that YOU ARE WEALTH.

Human design CHANGED MY LIFE. When I allowed myself to tap into my own coding and what my soul came here to experience, IT CHANGED ME.