3 MYTHS about growing to consistent 5 figure months

business strategy launching Mar 02, 2023
3 MYTHS about growing to consistent 5 figure months

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Have you ever thought any of these things? Because I'm TOTALLYYY guilty!

❌ That the best way to make lots of money online was to create + launch new offers every single month. 

❌ That I had to market myself on tons of different platforms in order to get visible. 

❌ That it’s better to “flow” with my business and be in my feminine energy 99% of the time without a business plan if I want to make lots of money online. 

I'M SO GLAD I let these beliefs go.

So what am I doing now?


I thrive when 👇ðŸŧ

✔ïļ I have a simple AF offer suite that doesn’t require me to be in launch and creation mode 24/7. My offer suite matches my lifestyle and it’s provides me with so much spaciousness because freedom is what’s important to me. 

AND it doesn’t affect my income goals. My income skyrockets when I simplify!! 

✔ïļ I focus mostly on my MESSAGE and how I can help my clients and keep this very clear and consistent. 

Dial in on your messaging and your income soars, my love!    

✔ïļI focus on creating HOT CONTENT that gets me visible on 2 platforms + my email list rather than spreading myself thin on 5 different ones. 

✔ïļ I have simple structure in my business and have a clear sales, visibility, and content plan that is tested, proven, and works- so I feel safe and secure VS throwing spaghetti at the wall 24/7 and being 100 percent in my feminine just hoping to attract and sign clients.

✔ïļ I know exactly what I need to be “doing” in my 3 hour daily flow bubble that the rest of my day I get to lean back and live my lifeeee

This is a reminder for you- 

Look at all the things you’re “doing” in your biz… 

Is it working? Your content is feedback…

Once you know what works best for you, double down and that and watch it flowww then receive, baby! 



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→ The POWER around building awareness around your offers and personal Brand




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