5 Myths that may be preventing you from reaching consistent 5 figure months

business strategy launching personal brand Apr 06, 2023
5 Myths that may be preventing you from reaching consistent 5 figure months

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After lots of trial & error in the industry over the past 4 years, I’ve come to realize a thing or to that allows for a lot more ease & spaciousness in your soul-lead coaching business.

Below are some myths that need busted once and for alllll. I hope you resonate with some of these!


→ Thinking you need to be launching a new offer and a new freebie every single month.


Having 1 solid offer, such as a high end group group program or Mastermind will scale your business to 6 figures and consistent 5 figure months. 

Creating a new offer every single month can feel extremely draining if you don’t have team members to help you. 

Also, you’re constantly having to create awareness around a new offer, instead of refining your signature offer, building awareness around it, and having proof of concept that your offer gets results. 


→ Thinking that you need to be on every single marketing platform to get visible.


When you focus your efforts on just 2 solid strategies for getting your content in front of new people, the compound effect kicks in.

I value SIMPLICITY. In Quarter 2 my strategy for getting new eyeballs on my content is:

→ Weekly IG Live that will be repurposed into a Podcast

→ Combo of Carousels + Reels

Test your strategy for 60-90 days and then re-assess.

MYTH #3  → Thinking Viral Reel Trends are what is going to grow your audience.


The BEST type of content to get you VISIBLE online is content that:

→ Is a bit polarizing/sassy/goes against industry standards

→ Showcases your beliefs/busts a myth/shifts a perspective your audience has

→ Is quite vulnerable/relatable and talks about what you’re struggling with NOW. 


This is your hint to STOP THROWING SPAGHETTI AT THE WALL with your content :)

MYTH #4 → Playing small and lowering your prices to be more “accommodating” and sign more clients.


High end clients do not worry about the price. They are more worried about TIME. A high end client is not going to fluff around trying to save MONEY and DIY her problems for months or years on end.

She is going to invest a premium price to collapse time and save herself YEARS of trial and error.

Want to work with more premium clients?

Stop worrying about the price of your offers and nail your MESSAGING to call forth these types of clients who pay premium.


Buying all of the courses and joining all of the live programs to put yourself into “proximity” with a coach who is earning millions just so that you absorb her vibes and her energy but get nothing tangible in return and still hit inconsistent months

I said what I said.

But running on VIBES will only get you so far. It works, until you burn out.

Understanding marketing psychology, messaging, personal brand building, sales, visibility will help you gain so much clarity in what will actually help drive the needle forward in your business CONSISTENTLY and SUSTAINABLY.


If you’ve been in a cycle of IDEA →  CREATE → LAUNCH this year and you’re feeling a little tired and wanting to SIMPLIFY your business and offer suite, I have a juicy episode for you.

Why launching new offers all the time may not be working for you (and what to think about instead)

Inside we cover 👇🏻

→ Why launching new things all the time may be leading to a DECREASE in your sales

→ 3 things to think about if you want MORE people inside of your containers (and no, it’s not working on your mindset)

→ The POWER around building awareness around your offers and personal Brand




Are you desiring to land higher cash months inside of your coaching business?

4 things that are holding you back from higher cash months

In this episode I’m busting some myths and saving you YEARS of trial and error and burnout trying to figure it out based on what’s worked and was hasn’t worked for me.

You’re going to want to get your notebook out for this one!

Higher cash months are actually SUPER SIMPLE, once you know what you need to focus on and stay consistent with it.

Which is my going to be my word for 2023. SIMPLICITY.




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