My Favorite Things To Do During A Void

feminine energy personal growth podcast spirituality Feb 15, 2023
My Favorite Things To Do During A Void

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First off. You’re in a void. CONGRATS 🎉

Because you know what’s on the other side of a void?

EXPANSION and GROWTH, baby. YEWW! A void is a good thing. VOID = GROWTH 📈

I’ve been in many so called “voids” over the years (Manifestor rest cycle, anyone?!)
So you could say I’m like, the queen of voids.

The universe sent you this void for a reason.

Maybe you’re out of alignment, you’ve lost your passion and your zest for life or for your business, or you need to slow down.

Whatever the reason - first step is to notice what’s happening IN YOUR BODY.

Check your nervous system. Do you feel anxious? Are you overthinking a lot? Are you stuck in comparison? Are you pushing + forcing things?

How do you feel in your body?

If yes… okay. It’s time to re-align.

As women, we are cyclical in nature. We aren’t meant to push and work every day.

We go through ebbs and flows. It’s natural and you don’t have to shame yourself into pushing through.

A void is your body calling out to you to come back home to your feminine essence.

Some of my favorite things to do during a void 👇🏻

✔️ Intuitive EFT Tapping for 21 days to re-code any limiting beliefs

✔️All the beauty things! Mani/pedi/facial/blow outs/massage/reiki/reflexology

✔️Create fun nightly ceremonies and rituals to connect to any guides/connect to spirit (my faves are Ganesha + Isis)

✔️Take a social media break and unfollow any account who make you feel shit. Spend less time on social.

Some of my favorite things to do during a void 👇🏻

✔️ Kundalini Yoga is THE BEST for activating feminine Shakti Energy

✔️ Read books that aren’t personal development

✔️ Make a hot girl playlist and dance to at least 3 songs in the AM while doing a luxe skincare routine

✔️Go into water and release!! Take a Lilly flower in with you. Be in NATURE!

Trust that when you allow yourself to SLOW DOWN, relax your nervous system, and tap back into your juicy feminine essence, you will receive the guidance and creativity needed in order to move forwards again.

When you slow down and have more presence, I promise your intuition will kick in and all of the signs will be there.

Sending all of my love to whoever is in a void! It’s normal, beautiful, and you get to romanticize it and make it LUXE 🦋



I just had a new podcast episode drop all about How to Navigate a VOID with grace and GODDESS energy. 

Are you currently in a plateau, feeling stuck or feeling like you don’t know what to do next? Maybe right now all you REALLY want to do is hermit away and be still with yourself. But your inner masculine is JUDGING you because you’re not out there DOING and ACHIEVING!

I’ve been navigating a void the past 3 weeks after my breakup and I have SO MUCH WISDOM to share with you inside of this episode!

Inside we cover 👇🏻

✔️What is a “void” and how to know that you’re in one

✔️BTS of my kundalini awakening

✔️How to romanticize TF out of your void and navigate it with grace

✔️How to cultivate more feminine energy and honor the stillness

✔️What this void is trying to teach you 




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