Create a Business Model that matches your lifestyle

business strategy launching personal brand Mar 08, 2023
Create a Business Model that matches your lifestyle

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The best thing you can do for your business 👇🏻

Is to create a business model that matches your lifestyle 🦋

You can have consistent 5 figure months without having 15 1:1 clients, launching new offers all of the time, and feeling like you need to be on every single social media platform posting daily content.

The model I will choose for my business again and again is SIMPLICITY.

⚡️I follow a simple content flow

⚡️A simple sales flow

⚡️A simple launch flow

⚡️I have a simple offer suite

And I don’t overcomplicate anything!

I have total clarity and know exactly what I need to be doing online to grow the personal brand, make sales, and thriveee online while working 3 HRS per day or less.

If you are having trouble signing clients and filling programs, odds are it’s either a 👇🏻

❌Messaging Problem

❌Marketing/Visibility Problem

❌Sales Problem

❌Overcomplicated Offer Suite



I have a new free 3-day workshop series Romanticize Your Business

Inside I’m spilling the tea on now you can discover which gap you’re missing inside of your business and how to fill it so that you can stop having inconsistent months, feel stability + Momentum in your business, step into your higher self era and THRIVE 🌹

I will reveal:

1. My Daily Higher Self Richual that and has me manifesting clients, travel, and abundance and daily action steps for stepping into your next level identity

2. The Foundations you need to have in place so that you can start your month already hitting $10K+ cash so you can feel safe to actually lean back and BE in your feminine.

3. How to design an offer suite that MATCHES the lifestyle you want so that you can have 3 HR workdays, travel the world, and have more time with your partner, kids, and girlfriends

4. What a Sales + Visibility Flow is, and how to implement this in your business to 2-10X your sales

This workshop is perfect for you if  👇🏻

→You’re tired of being in feast and famine with your money, always starting at 0 and you’re ready to put together a simplified offer suite that creates stability and safety so you can start your months already at $10K+

→You’re ready to get out of being in “creator mode” and “launch mode” all the time and learn a more effective and smarter way to grow and scale

→You’re ready to learn what the FOUNDATIONAL GAPS are in your business and how to fix them so that you can sell out your offers and start stacking your income.

You will walk away from this 3 day workshop series with total clarity on how you can refine your offer suite & set up your business foundations so you can rinse and repeat all the way to 6 figures and beyond.

It’s time to ROMANTICIZE AND FALL IN LOVE with your Business Again.

If you tag me and share the workshop to your IG stories, you will receive my WHY SHE BUYS workshop, valued at $111, all about premium messaging to all in high end clients, FOR FREE. YES I SAID THAT RIGHT.  





If you’ve been in a cycle of IDEA →  CREATE → LAUNCH this year and you’re feeling a little tired and wanting to SIMPLIFY your business and offer suite, I have a juicy episode for you.

Inside we cover 👇🏻

→ Why launching new things all the time may be leading to a DECREASE in your sales

→ 3 things to think about if you want MORE people inside of your containers (and no, it’s not working on your mindset)

→ The POWER around building awareness around your offers and personal Brand




Are you feeling a bit bored with your business + with your content lately? Maybe you’re lacking passion and excitement? Maybe your engagement is lower than usual? Or you’re finding it harder to sign clients consistently?

I FEEL YOU! I have been in this season of blahhh before and I’m here to light you up again and bring you back into the ECSTASY of your business again!

In this episode I’m going to be diving into:

→ Why the most important thing to focus on in 2023 should be your PERSONAL BRAND

→ How to know it’s time to start focusing on your PERSONAL BRAND

→ Things to focus on when growing your Personal Brand

→ How you can STAND OUT amongst others EVEN when you don’t have a “niche”




Pretty much EVERYY mentor I have ever worked with SWEARS BY this statement: To make more sales, you must SELL MORE! AKA... SELL EVERY DAY! So, I did. I sold something every day. For months. And then, as any great Femme CEO does, I evaluated the results. Tune into the episode to hear my raw and real opinion.

In this episode we cover:

➝ What to do when you’re feeling a little burnt out from selling

➝ How to plug back into your own high Vibe Vortex

➝ My Visibility Plan moving forward




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