February Musings & Healing From Heartbreak

personal growth Mar 13, 2023
February Musings & Healing From Heartbreak

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What a month of transformation and healing 🦋

At first I wanted to just skip past this month… I didn’t want to go through the pain of feeling the heartbreak and I was ready to be transported into a moment in time in the future where I finally felt “ok”

But instead I decided to bury myself in my feels.

I felt everything.

Each day I tried to love myself a little harder.

Each day I tried to fall in love with myself even more.

And in doing that, I came back to my own center.

In my kundalini activation on Wednesday I had a cute little moment with my inner child.

We hugged and “Little Laura” told me “you are worthy.”

I guess somewhere along the way, I forgot that.

And so this month has been an inward journey of remembering that I radiate Goddess energy, that there is nothing to prove, that it’s okay to be too much, to get rejected, to get it wrong.

Life is messy and that’s the fun part.

Right now im in my higher self era and pretty soon I’ll look back at the old version of me and say, “awe… cute.”

Because the new version of me…

🦋She’s feminine + soft + makes her feelings known

🐍She’s a spiritual baddie

🌶️She’s unapologetic AF

😈she’s erotic + sensual

🔥She’s playful

She’s everything.

And she’s rising ⚡️



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