How I did $95,000 in sales in Q1 of 2021 with just 3 offers

launching personal brand Apr 09, 2023
How I did $95,000 in sales in Q1 of 2021 with just 3 offers

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You don't need to have a complicated business model or have to launch and create a new offer every single month to make fuxx tons of money online, ESPECIALLY if you're a new or even intermediate coach.

Back in 2021 I was THRIVING with a simplicity business model.

The 3 offers I had were my 3 month Mastermind, 1:1 coaching, and a low ticket paid workshop.

My 3 Month Mastermind, Ambitious Soul Academy, had a LOT of offer awareness. I had been running it for 1.5 years at this point. 

I was launching it about every 3 months, and in between the launches I was still nonstop talking about it. I was showcasing results, talking about the modules in the program, talking about what we were discussing on our group calls, showing bts of voxer chats, client wins, etc.

Let me walk you through the numbers…

Because I was launching ASA MM every 3-ish months, I was consistently stacking income and building TONS of offer awareness.

I also had all different types of payment plans. I had a 4 month X $1300, I had 8 month X $500, a $750/month option. In total I had 6 recurring revenue plans going from previous launches so I went into Jan 2021 already starting at a $5K cash month.

So ALLLLL of these payment plans had been stacking from the previous 2 launches and EVERYONE knew about the offer and had it on their vision board because I was consistently talking about it.

In January 2021 I launched ASA for a 4th time and I had 2 people pay in full @$4k and I signed a 1:1 client at $6k 

Then in February I signed 3 more ASA clients in at $4,000 PIF, someone signed in at $1300/Month X 4 months, and someone at $500/month X 9 months.

Then In March I signed another 1:1 client @$4k, did my first low ticket paid workshop for $222 and brought in $2764 from that and then signed ANOTHER 1:1 client at $4k.

(Booked means SALES and banked means CASH)

I did $95k in sales in Q1 ALONE and X $58,600 in Cash with just 3 offers 

I’m telling you this because YOU DON’T NEED TO HAVE A COMPLICATED BUSINESS MODEL and LAUNCH and CREATE a new offer every single month to make fuck tons of money online, ESPECIALLY if you’re a new or even intermediate coach.

I think it’s more important to create 1 high end offer, launch it again and again, get lots of results and proof of concept, and scale that up.

Back then I didn’t realize how much I was THRIVING with this simplicity business model. 

I then invested into the AFE with Alpha Femme (love her) BUT I thought that to be even more successful online I needed to create and launch tons of offers ALL THE TIME.

So I switched my model and started doing that. And my income, the ease at which I ran my business, my nervous system literally TANKED.

I kept this up for 1.5 years and at the end of 2022 I was like fuck this. This is not the model for me. AND I BURNED THAT SHIT TO THE GROUND.

Now, I’m in a MASSIVE PIVOT. 

I’m giving myself the next 9 months to re-create a business model and offer suite that is SIMPLE, effective, is focused on client results, and brings me an overflow of cash.

My new model will consist of a leveraged Evergreen Mastermind, 1 8 week LIVE Group program that I run every 3 months, 2 Passive Courses, and low ticket niche workshops. I’m doubling down on my email list, visibility, and Personal Brand.

I’m literally the HAPPIEST I’ve ever been and SO CLEAR on my vision. (Before I was literally in feast/famine so overwhelmed and unclear)

It was scary at first to have to re-create things from scratch, but now the momentum is picking back up like crazzzyyy, and I’m so excited to see where my business and Personal Brand will be at the end of 2023 :)

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