How to know it’s time to start focusing on your PERSONAL BRAND

business strategy personal brand podcast Feb 27, 2023
How to know it’s time to start focusing on your PERSONAL BRAND

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Are you feeling a bit bored with your business + with your content lately? Maybe you’re lacking passion and excitement? Maybe your engagement is lower than usual? Or you’re finding it harder to sign clients consistently?

I FEEL YOU! I have been in this season of blahhh before and I’m here to light you up again and bring you back into the ECSTASY of your business again!

In this episode I’m going to be diving into:

→ Why the most important thing to focus on in 2023 should be your PERSONAL BRAND

→ How to know it’s time to start focusing on your PERSONAL BRAND

→ Things to focus on when growing your Personal Brand

→ How you can STAND OUT amongst others EVEN when you don’t have a “niche”




Welcome back to another episode of Radiant & Rich. I’m your host, Laura Niese, teaching you how to create your most luxe, freedom-based life.


So, as you know I was navigating a heartbreak the past month and safe to say I am on the other side of that shit like I honestly feel like I am THRIVING!

I am in my HIGHER SELF ERA which I feel like I should record an entire podcast episode about that because it’s such a fun era it’s basically like a self-care era but then you blend in spirituality and I swear you have not only a glow up but also you enter into the vortex.

The vortex being you just become a magnet for abundance and opportunities.

I signed 2 clients over the weekend, potentially a third, I attracted this trip to Egypt, I am going to Savaya this weekend for fisher - Savaya is this gorgeous club over the ocean and I’m going with a whole new girlfriend group - I’m attracting lots of amazing new besties, I’m fitter than ever.  IDK if you have seen my bikini photos but like I’m shreds. 

One of my GIFTS in the Gene Keys is the gift of initiation. GK 51 (my vocation key) which means that the universe will initiate me and shock me with shit situations, and one of my gifts is to take that shit and turn it into gold. 

So that’s what I did with this breakup. I could have been in such a victim mode but instead I relished in the opportunity for transformation and deeper identity work and 

I’m feeling like I’m thriving.

I’m also going to Egypt in 1.5 weeks.

I had my go to Bali Tailor come over last night to make me some custom outfits because YOU KNOWWW I’m a Libra girl and we gotta be lookin’ cute even if we have to be mostly covered up. 

So, I’m really excited for that. I’ve also been working with a spiritual coach to help me open up my channel and so I’m excited because on our session she said that my channel really opens when I’m around pyramids and mountains. So, I’m excited for some Goddessy Codes.



So, let’s drop into the episode today 

We are going to be talking about Personal Brands and How to know if it’s time to prioritize the growth of your PERSONAL BRAND.

Let’s first talk about why having a Personal Brand is important…

It’s important because it allows you to not only THRIVE in the coaching industry and be seen and trusted as a leader, make money and live your freedom life, BUT it also will allow you to PIVOT and do something else if you’re someone who is multi passionate and desires to do something else down the road. Maybe in 5 years you don’t want to be a coach. Maybe you want to start a jewelry business or a clothing brand, or you want to speak on stages or host retreats or work with brands as an influencer, launch a podcast, launch a physical product, a restaurant, an app. 

The world is your oyster when you have a powerful personal brand! This is what I focus on because the coaching industry is a bubble. There is so much out there for you so I want you to increase your vision just a bit from I want to grow a 6 figure/year coaching business or however much money you want to make to: I want to grow a GLOBAL Personal brand, a Community, a movement. 

How do you know that it’s time to focus on your personal brand?

Most of the time in business - we want to focus on money and sales and cash. What do I need to be posting in order to sign clients and make sales? But at the end of the day - is that really what excites you and fulfils you and creates PASSION inside of your business?

As you know - my main mission is to help you create a dreamy AF lifestyle alongside of a dreamy AF business. I’m all about the romanticize your life vibes, you get to have a balanced and incredible lifestyle alongside of your business. You don’t have to sacrifice your life for your business. 

If I'm only talking about my business online 24/7 and creating content that has to do with my offers and industry content - that’s going to make me BORED.

This is the first way that you know it’s time to focus more on your personal brand.

It’s that you’re BORED. There is no LIFE or PASSION or ZEST behind your business. Your content is falling flat, you feel bored, you’re not excited. You hate creating content. 

If you are feeling bored and drained by your business - it’s probably because you're only focusing on your business and talking about the business both in your personal life and in your content. Your life and your content are revolving around your BUSINESS.

You have a WHOLE LIFE outside of your business.

I like to think of myself as both an INFLUENCER AND A BUSINESS OWNER.

I’m splitting my content 50/50 between industry content - educating you, sharing results, giving value, teaching, shifting perspectives and beliefs, solving problems AND

50% of my content is more INFLUENCER/PERSONAL BRAND type content.

I’m sharing my struggles, my vulnerabilities, my passions, my life outside of my business, what I’m currently working on and moving through, BTS of my life. 

If you think of an influencer - they typically aren’t selling programs and things. Maybe they are working with brands and they have affiliate codes and stuff. But mostly they are showing the BTS of their life and documenting their life and showing the raw and the real, and you're HOOKED. We love to peep into the lives of others. It’s entertaining. We want to know - what brands does this person wear, what do they do on the weekends, what do they put in their smoothie, where do they get their hair done, what’s their AM + PM routine. 

If you feel like your personal brand is boring or you feel bored or your content is falling flat, maybe you have fallen into one side of the spectrum where you’re only posting business related content. 

And while that is very valuable, people will look to you as an authority. But they don’t really know you, really. They may not relate to you. You’re this mystery genius who educates their audience but there is no relatability because you’re not really letting anyone get to know you.

This brings me to point #2 - How to know that it’s time to focus on the personal brand… 

Your offers aren’t filling/finding it more difficult to sign clients. BECAUSE you’re only posting educational/value-based business/industry type content, but you’re scared to pull back the curtain. 

You’re projecting an image of what you think you need to post and put out there in order to sign clients and maybe you’re putting yourself into a box and stifling your creativity. 

Can you be BOTH?

Can you bring some excitement and flare to your personal brand again by embodying BOTH the INFLUENCER (the one who lets you in on her life) AND the BUSINESS OWNER. (the one who makes the money)

Another big point I want to make is:

Take your audience on a journey. ALWAYS be taking your audience on a journey.

I took my audience behind the scenes with my breakup story. Nothing to do with my business. But people relate to it.

Now I’m going on this more spiritual journey and I’m going to Egypt. I’m going to let you in on that. And not just the Egypt Highlights. I’m going to show EVERYTHING. The ups and the downs.

There is SOMETHING that you are moving through right now. 

Maybe you’re on a gut health journey, a fitness journey, a mindset thing, a spiritual awakening, the business is in an ebb. HOW ARE YOU MOVING THROUGH THAT? The JOURNEY and showing BTS of that is what hooks someone. 

I’m going to let you in on the struggles, what’s not working, the vulnerabilities.

We feel like we have to project a certain image online to sign clients and we look to what everyone else is doing and we box ourselves in with our content but at the end of the day the personal brand is YOU. 

It’s made up of your beliefs, your values, your passions, your skills, your essence - your vibe, your personality, your style, your x-factor/what makes you unique. 


Point #3 - How to know that it’s time to focus on the personal brand:

Your engagement is down and you feel like you aren’t calling in NEW people

If you’re doing content that is mostly educational type of content, that’s great. I do this type of content 1X/week. How to... 

But it’s not what is going to make someone want to work with you. People will save that content. It’s not going to get the most engagement. 

What WILL drive more engagement for you and bring new people into your world is putting yourself out there more by sharing your BELIEFS and your values and WHAT YOU STAND FOR. Your MISSION. Your X FACTOR. What your unique process is for doing things. 



Lessons learned

What are “Industry Standards” that you don’t believe in?

“I believe in ________.” “I don’t believe in ________.”

“I’m on a mission to…


Things I focus on when growing my personal brand:

1. My Mission. 

Your MISSION is what you really care about. Maybe you have been through something and you’ve learned a lesson and now you want to help others move through that.

Your mission can change as you grow and evolve. My mission used to be FREEDOM. 

Now my mission is to help female coaches romanticize their life + business, have a dreamy LIFESTYLE AND a DREAMY business. #romanticizeyourlife vibes 

I’m building a movement and my people will love that and be attracted to that and want to go out and romanticize their life. It’s a movement. I talk about my movement once per week. 


Thing I focus on when growing my personal brand:


I don’t have a niche. I’ve always been very multi passionate. I love teaching femme energetics, HD + GK, Messaging, Marketing, Personal branding. 

I really had to sit down and be like what is my thing. What differentiates me from the thousands of other business coaches.

There is something that will get you to the next level. The next level of income. The next level of growth. I swear it’s when you can double down on THE THING that you naturally embody, that you’re so good at, that might be hidden to you at first. But once you figure it out, and you capitalize on what makes you unique and different, that’s is how you will thrive and grow when everyone else seems to be stuck and plateaued and drowned out by everyone else. 


  1. Your IG Bio
  2. The tools you use to get results for your clients. It’s not that you do NLP or Marketing or Akashic Records or Ayurveda. (that’s the TOOL you use.) 
  3. It’s not your framework or your methodology. 
  4. It’s not your offers and what you sell.
  5. The type of content you create

Your X Factor is more like something that you effortlessly embody. It’s hidden within your personality and who you are as a person.

Maybe it’s even something you have embodied your whole life - even when you were younger.


💥You have always been VERY UNAPOLOGETIC. - that’s your X Factor

💥Minimalistic + simplistic. You’re into Slow Living. SIMPLICITY. 

💥Or that you’re multi-passionate

💥REALLY FUNNY (Madelyn Moon)

💥Or that you’re INNOVATIVE with your offers 

💥Rebellious. For the REBELS (Bold Self)
💥Creative (Gabriella Rosie)

💥Soft/Intuitive/Feminine (Ashae Sundara)

💥Storyteller (Alpha Femme)


When I was first trying to come up with my X Factor - I thought it was that I combined masculine + feminine energetics. Or that I combined NLP + Strategy. But again - those are just the TOOLS you use to help your clients get results. 

I had to start asking my clients. Because as a line 2 in human design - we are the easy breezy genius. Often, we don’t know what we are good at and we can’t see ourselves clearly. 

After speaking with clients and on my welcome questionnaire for all of my offers at the end of the questionnaire I ask them this:

“Why did you choose me? What about who I am, how I make you feel, a small or big way I have impacted you, the results I’ve achieved both myself and for my clients, my quirks, etc. made you know that you wanted to work together?


These were some of their responses 👇🏻

→I can really relate to your content, honesty, your struggles, your energy, empowerment and your free spirit 

→We seem to have similar lifestyle of prioritizing working out, traveling, special time with bf

→Romanticizing your life! 

** it just kept coming up - the free spirit lifestyle vibes.

So, I decided to double down on that. 

Instead of feeling like I need to have a niche… the X FACTOR IS THE NICHE.


My X FACTOR is that I prioritize my LIFESTYLE alongside of my business. You get to have a DREAMY AF LIFE AND a DREAMY BUSINESS.  I’M THE COACH FOR YOU IF YOU WANT BOTH. 

I go out and I embody this. I show my audience that you can have a thriving business and life. 


You have a wheel of life - 

I’m going to double down on my marketing and say I'm the coach for you if you want a balanced luxe lifestyle and a business that supports that. 

Which would tie into simplicity and having a smart business model. I’m going to help you fall in love with your business and your life again. I’m going to give you simple strategies that don’t require you to work on your business 24/7.  You get to have a dreamy life and business. 

We already talked about this above a little bit but the other.


Things I focus on when growing my personal brand: 


Ask yourself: what ERA are you in right now?! Take your audience on a journey of you BEING in this era.

I’m in my HIGHER SELF era. I’m going to take my audience on a journey of what that era means to me and what it entails. I’m also inspiring others and creating a movement out of that era. 

Talk about things other than the business. 

50/50. Business Content VS personal. Day in the life, carousel of a bunch of photos from the weekend, showcase your passions, your dog, 

Get more vulnerable. Show the human. 

I still sign clients even if I post my vulnerabilities and my struggles. People don’t want perfect and polished.

And I honestly think when a personal brand’s only way of signing clients is marketing how much money they make - that’s not a personal brand. That’s trendy flashy marketing that isn’t sustainable and eventually won’t work. You don’t need to show your bank account to sign clients.

You show your heart. You show who you are. Your beliefs. What you’ve been through. How you can help people. Your skills. Your passion. You show the real and raw you. 

This is going to allow you to keep people’s attention and create DEPTH within your brand. 

It’s like you know how in feminine energy  - I was reading this book by Madelyn Moon called Artist of Love and it’s all about embodying different archetypes to create more depth in your relationships. 

Erotic enchantress

Sacred devotee

Playful priestess

Loving oracle


How much depth is there to your personal brand? Are you only showing one side? Can you bring more depth to your content by bringing out more parts of you?

This is what will keep people hooked because then you become EVERYTHING. People will by typing your name into the Instagram search to be like I wonder what flavor of Laura I’m going to get today?!

The sensitive, emotional, the playful, excited, the sexy, the spiritual, the smart.

I hope this was super helpful. 

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