How to Navigate a VOID with grace and GODDESS energy. 

personal growth podcast spirituality Feb 15, 2023
 How to Navigate a VOID with grace and GODDESS energy

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Are you currently in a plateau, feeling stuck or feeling like you don’t know what to do next? Maybe right now all you REALLY want to do is hermit away and be still with yourself. But your inner masculine is JUDGING you because you’re not out there DOING and ACHIEVING!

I’ve been navigating a void the past 3 weeks after my breakup and I have SO MUCH WISDOM to share with you inside of this episode!


Inside we cover 👇🏻 

✔️What is a “void” and how to know that you’re in one

✔️BTS of my kundalini awakening

✔️How to romanticize TF out of your void and navigate it with grace

✔️How to cultivate more feminine energy and honor the stillness

✔️What this void is trying to teach you 





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Hi my loves and welcome back to another episode of Radiant + Rich. I’m your host, Laura Niese, teaching you how to create your most luxe, freedom-based life. 

So… many of you who follow me on the gram have seen that in the past 3-ish weeks I have been navigating a breakup. 

I’m not going to go into too many details related to the breakup. But I will say that it was unexpected as I was actually meant to be moving to Sydney with him this month AND we had been doing 5 weeks of long distance up until that point so I was expecting to finally see him the next week or the following week like I was almost at the end of that long distance sprint and then I received the breakup blow.

When it first happened, it felt like I had just had the rug pulled out from under me. 

I had been envisioning this luxe life in Sydney, this new adventure, a deepening in our relationship, and bam. So, He wasn’t ready for the commitment. He had been in an 8-year relationship before me and I won’t get into all the details but I will say that there were MANY red flags in the relationship in the devotion and commitment department of the relationship.

This unstableness and feeling ungrounded and unsafe in the relationship because of that lack of total commitment and devotion to me had my body and my nervous system all out of whack.

I’m not an anxious person but I was feeling so anxious when we were doing long distance, I was overthinking like crazy - if you are overthinking a lot - whether it’s in your love life or in your business. That’s a very masculine energy. If you’re leaning super far into the masculine - it usually shows up as anxiety, overthinking, and racing thoughts. This DID NOT feel good for me. 

The crazy thing is that I intuitively knew that the relationship was over before it happened. In the 4 days leading up to it, I couldn’t sleep. I would overthink all night, finally fall asleep, and wake up at 4 AM with a big pit in my stomach and just lie there fucked. And I called my mom and was like mom I think G is going to break up with me. And she was like nooo you’re just overthinking.. But I knew. And I actually mourned the breakup before it happened and cried the whole week before and then when it happened, I was like of course. It wasn’t even a shock. 

So, the past 3 weeks I have completely dedicated myself to healing. I paused the business. Which meant I wasn’t actively creating or selling anything. 

I took this as a time to go inwards and to reflect and process and heal.

And the thing that I leaned on HEAVILY in my healing process was spirituality. 

3 days after the breakup - I went to a healer here in Bali and I experienced a Kundalini awakening. 

Kundalini is this creative, life force energy. It can sometimes be called Chi, or prana. 

So essentially, I lied down on a mat, there was music in the background, and the facilitator created an energy vortex. 

I’m someone who normally my ego doesn’t let me fully surrender into things like this. But I totally surrendered and opened myself and awakened my own energy within me. 

I can’t exactly explain the kundalini experience in words, but it felt like my whole body was pulsating and I had energy shooting up my spine and caused me to arch my back and my neck and my whole body was shaking. 

It was like I was experiencing my raw power for the first time ever and I remembered how damn powerful I am and it brought me to tears. From the experience, I got connected back to my power and my life force. It was like I was remembering my true self, which is love. 

I feel like both the breakup and the kundalini experience put me on a new, more ALIGNED path to discovering my most authentic, powerful, self. And it also triggered a spiritual awakening in me. 

I’ve always believed in spirituality and synchronicity and manifestation and energy.  But I never really allowed myself to fully SLOW TF down and tap in.

I never made time for meditation. I never prioritized stillness.

I had so much masculine energy within me.

And maybe my guides and angels have been around me this whole time and they were sending me guidance but I was too busy and not present enough to actually notice. 

I feel like the kundalini experience really just re-aligned me on the path to my higher self, and got me curious about connecting deeper with my guides, the universe, spirit, and angels. 

So NOW I’m excited because I’m on this path to discovering and embodying my higher self, my spiritual self.

So, the breakup happened. The kundalini experience happened. 

And then I had my first Vedic astrology reading. And THIS blew my mind and was not what I expected.

So, I was told that who I am is actually this psychic being but I’m distracted with all this ambition and drive for money and success.

 He told me to carve out time in my day to connect with my inner self and to try and remain connected with that through your day. And he said that what will fulfil me is developing my psychic intuition, and talking with spirit and angels. 

TBH - when he first told me this it didn’t surprise me at all. But also, there was the part of me that was like.. You can’t do that. You never have before. It’s not possible for you. What if you try and it doesn’t work? But I decided to let all of those limiting beliefs go and just trust that this is my path. I’m on a very feminine, spiritual journey right now.

I feel like the kundalini awakening almost SHOCKED ME into my feminine. Kundalini energy IS feminine energy. Like I said, I was SO in my masculine in my business. Comparing myself, overthinking, pushing, forcing. In my relationship too - I didn’t realize that the relationship wasn’t good for me and I wasn’t embodying my full feminine RANGE.

I didn’t realize that I was suppressing different parts of me in the relationship. I was suppressing the erotic kinky side of me, I was suppressing the spiritual side of me, I was suppressing my emotions in the relationship because I didn’t want to be seen like I had an anxious attachment style. I wasn’t expressing my needs and what I wanted. I was just trying to be cool with things because I didn’t want to lose him.

The feminine energy is also destructive. There are 3 aspects to the feminine. You have stillness, you have pleasure, you have destruction.  

Stillness - when you’re connecting to the void. Meditating. Resting. ENJOYING resting. ENJOYING time off. Maybe after work you come home, turn off all the lights, light a candle, and just sit still for 5 minutes and ENJOY it. Or you get into bed at night with a cacao and a sexy book. The more you cultivate stillness and silence, the more comfortable you will be in the void, and taking advantage of that energy that will propel you into the future. 

PLEASURE - Watching Netflix, you’re dancing to Spotify in the AM doing your skincare, you’re having sex, you’re going for a walk in nature, at a concert. 

DESTRUCTION - Feminine energy is DESTRUCTIVE when it needs to be. This can be healthy. I saw my GF this morning at the gym and she is getting rid of all of her clothes and going to Beachwalk to buy new ones. Letting go and getting rid of what doesn’t serve you (friendships, gossiping, in business - offers, releasing a relationship.) 

The feminine energy whooshed into my life and destroyed a relationship that wasn’t in alignment with me. 

So, In the past 3 weeks I’ve had a lot of new awareness AND I’ve experienced significant change in my life. And often times what happens when you go through something major - whether that’s a breakup or spiritual awakening or whatever it is - comes a VOID. 

And in this void, I feel like I’m becoming an entirely new person. BUT when you’re in a void, it can feel super scary because you feel like nothing is moving externally. 

Maybe money isn’t flowing, opportunities aren’t coming as easily to you. You feel like you’re stuck or that you’re in a plateau. 

Right now, I just feel very calm. Very peaceful. I feel still. 

I’ve been in business for 4 years now and I think before if this would have happened to me, I would be freaking TF out and trying to push through it and force things and stay in my masculine energy and DO THE THINGS. 

But I KNOWWW that it’s in my highest good to REST from all of the changes that have happened.

If you’re in a void, it means the universe wants you to look and go INWARDS. 

Maybe in your business you’ve been in a constant cycle of comparing yourself to everyone else, feeling like you’re not good enough, staying stuck in your head, overthinking, and not allowing yourself to ever slow down and tune into your own inner guidance system and intuition. You’ve been in constant creator and DOING mode for the last year or 2 years or 4 years and there hasn’t been any stillness or silence.

The reason why things may not be flowing to you in a void - whether that’s clients or money, is because right now isn’t necessarily the time for that. 

As women, we are very cyclical in nature. If you think about the changing seasons, winter is a time of rest. Bears go and hibernate. And then spring comes and everything BLOOMS again. 

If you’re in a void, it’s a season of deep reflection, and going inwards. You will bloom again. But if you try and force yourself out of a void and skip the healing process, you may not get the lesson you needed to hear and perhaps this cycle repeats itself again. 

If you’re in a void it’s time to slow TF down and connect with yourself and connect deeper with your intuition and finally learn to TRUST yourself. 

And the only way you can really hear your own intuition is if everything is silent on the outside. 

Just trust that this void is for your greatest good and that your expansion is just on the other side. You’re not moving BACKWARDS or losing momentum. 

This is just a natural cycle, like winter, where you are resting and rejuvenating your spirit and becoming more connected to yourself again. 

Don’t freak out and start to overthink and get all in your head about it and judge yourself for not DOING anything. This is all a part of the process.

What’s really helped me tap out limiting beliefs is intuitive EFT Tapping. I’ve been tapping every morning things like “I’m exactly where I need to be” the universe has my back. I’m divinely guided. I’m safe. My expansion is just around the corner. Things that like. 

If you think you’re in a void, maybe money has slowed, clients have slowed, you’re not seeing any signs from the universe like 11:11, 4:44, you just feel blocked, you’re not sure what to do next, you feel more connected to yourself, there is more stillness and peace, you have a desire to go HERMIT away and not DO anything, then you might be in a void. 


I’m going to share 4 things that have helped me navigate my current void


1. TRUSTING, having patience, and KNOWING that the universe has my back and that even though things aren’t manifesting in my external reality, I knowww that there are lots of shifts going down in my internal. We know that your internal world is what creates the external, so I can expect external shifts to start popping like popcorn in the next 21 days-30 days-60 days. That’s about how long it takes the external to shift when the internal does. Have patience and trust that even if things aren’t happening externally, it doesn’t mean your stagnant or going backwards or losing momentum because things are still happening on the inside. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. This is your metamorphosis, so be patient.

2. Allowing myself to BE AT PEACE and PRACTICE MORE STILLNESS and connect more with my inner being.

This is about me connecting with who I am spiritually. Your inner being is always connected with and in contact with source energy and with your higher self. Your higher self is experienced as unconditional love, as wisdom, as intuition, freedom, and peace. 

I’ve been actively doing things that connect me with those feelings of love, wisdom, intuition, freedom and peace! AKA doing things that connect me with my higher self. 


So, some ways that I’ve been connecting more with my inner being: 

  • Meditation. Like I said, I never meditate. But I finally started and it actually feels so good. I just play some meditation music on Spotify and I picked 5 different songs. One is 3 minutes in length, 1 is 5, 1 is 8, and 1 is 15. So, it just depends on the day how long I want to meditate for. 
  • And so, I light my incense, I close my eyes and look between my eyebrows at my third eye point, and I pay attention to the space between my thoughts. And it’s in the space between your thoughts that your higher self comes through. So Sometimes in my meditation practice I’ll ask questions to see if I receive any guidance, or I’ll just be silent for 5-10 minutes. 

I’ve also been reconnecting with nature and traveling. I had a weekend adventure in Nusa Lembongan 2 weeks ago and then I just had a luxe 5-day Ubud trip - that was so amazing. Travel has such a beautiful way of resetting us and gives us new perspectives and a fresh start. It gives us that feeling of freedom.

I’ve been going to kundalini yoga once per week. In today’s practice we chanted this beautiful mantra that really connects you to your intuition and it really is a great practice connecting you with yourself and your own shakti energy and unconditional love. 

Being in ceremony at night. I was told in my Vedic astrology reading - Jupiter is in my house of spirituality - so figures like Zeus and Ganesh are great to bring into your life. Thursday is Jupiter day, so I created a little ceremony that I do on Thursday nights to honor Ganesh. It’s just fun to create ceremonies and rituals.  

The next thing that helped me navigate my current void

  1.  You can Use this time to cultivate a deeper connection to your intuition. 

The thing is --- we are always being guided and there are messages literally EVERYWHERE for you. 

I had a string of synchronicities happen recently.

When I was in Ubud I wanted to buy a cute little feminine goddess statue to put on my altar. I spent 2 days looking for one and I was getting annoyed of myself because I was being so picky with it. And then I was eating at Zest and I finally found the perfect one. It was Goddess Isis who is an Egyptian Goddess. She is like, the elite. I was so called to her. 

And then one of my past clients messaged me and told me that she also recently received a calling to Goddess Isis and she joined this 4-month goddess Isis container with this girl whose Instagram handle is light of Lemuria. 

And then when I was walking into my hotel, I noticed that the sign above my hotel said Lemuria sacred spa. 

BTW - And Lemuria is this lost continent - like Atlantis - that sank beneath the ocean as a result of a geological, often cataclysmic change, such as a pole shift. Researchers place the era of the Lemuria civilization around the period 75,000 BC – 11,000 BC.

So, it was weird I was having all of these pulls to Goddess Isis and all these synchronicities happening and then get this so my GF is going to Egypt in March and she planned out the entire itinerary and it’s actually pretty affordable like 1300 excluding food and the flight. But a girl backed out and she invited me to Egypt with her. And then I went onto American Airlines and there was 1 ticket left round trip business class flight for 80k points. Which I can never find good flights with points ever. Business class trip covered with points. 

So, it was all of these synchronicities happening at once. 

It’s like Goddess Isis is pulling me to Egypt IDK.  Maybe because of the kundalini. IDK. 

But anyways - back to intuition - your guides are ALWAYS there. The signs are always there. In the fortune cookie. On the billboard. In the silent whispers when you slow down. 

You literally just have to ask. Share your problem with your spirit team. THEN actively LISTEN. But it doesn’t have to come in any one-way shape or form. The universe communicates with you in many different ways. It could be a conversation you have with a friend in the DM’s, or a random podcast episode you listen to or the chapter of a book you turn to. 

The universe is always speaking to you. All you have to do is practice more awareness and turn the dial up on your presence.

It’s about turning down the overthinking and the mind chatters and practicing opening up your awareness more. 

As you practice meditation more, or having more moments of stillness throughout the day, allowing yourself to take deeper breaths, you will have more clarity and be able to notice the signs all around you. 


The last thing that is helping me navigate my current void

  1.  Connecting more with my feminine energy 

Honestly, I feel like a void really is all about helping you connect back to your feminine. 

I honestly forgot what feminine energy felt like. 

I was doing all the beauty things and the external things, but inside I was overthinking, comparing myself, stuck in my head. I was spending 90% of my day in masculine energy.

The feminine is FLOW. She’s in pleasure. She’s creative. 

This is what my day looks like right now:

I wake up around 7-7:30. I play my sexy Spotify playlist and dance in my bathroom while doing my skincare. I do some EFT tapping, I lie down and feel my emotions, and alchemize them if I need to. I meditate and connect with my guides. Drink some water. 

Then I go to a workout class at Body Factory. After that I go to the spa and tan and listen to a podcast or read. This is also the time I would check in on my Voxer and my clients.

Then I go home and have lunch and get into a creative flow. 

I heard someone call this a flow bubble - from 12-3 or 1-4 is when I do my creative work. 

But this is the time I’m in my masculine energy. I choose to enter into masculine energy for 3 hours. This is when I would do things like write an email or an Instagram caption, sell on my stories, create a module for a course, record a podcast. but yeah, I intentionally dive in with masculine energy KNOWING that I’m going to be fully 100% in my feminine after.

So, after work is done, then I just drop out of masculine completely.  And today I went to a kundalini yoga class, was divine, went to the beach with Zhu and read a book FOR PLEASURE, and then came home and scrolled on Pinterest looking for cute Egypt outfits, ate some dinner, read a little more, and did a fun ritual/ceremony for Ganesh for Jupiter day. I did an astral travel practice before bed - I want to learn to lucid dream.

My day was mostly feminine. I’m in stillness, I’m in pleasure, I’m in flow. I’m in Nature. 

All throughout the day I'm really really present. Moment by moment alignment so I’m still paying attention to the signs around me. And I'm always talking to my guides because I know they are always there. I can be in active conversation with them and ask questions and keep practicing expanding my awareness. 

Lately I'm really prioritizing my feminine energy and the void is pretty much forcing me to go inwards. But I feel like my vibration and my frequency is rising. 

I’m not overthinking as much. I’ve been in stillness more, I've been EFT tapping limiting beliefs, I have more awareness when an ego based limiting belief pops into my head and I'm able to catch it and shift it. 

It’s almost like the void is forcing me to embody my higher self and my most authentic self. 

At the end of the day - 

The void is telling you to go inwards. Telling you to connect with your feminine energy.

In this slowing down it's preparing you for the future.  

So, I hope this podcast episode was helpful for you and is helping you to feel more ease in knowing that we ALL go through voids and ebbs and they can be REALLY FREAKING powerful for you when you allow yourself to surrender, trust, and go within.

I Love you so much! And I'll see you on the next episode. Bye! 

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