I am Prioritizing Different Things in the Business This Year

feminine energy personal growth spirituality Feb 21, 2023
I am Prioritizing Different Things in the Business This Year

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In the last month my priorities inside of the business have done a complete 180.

My priorities have gone from being 100% focused on the external things like content, launching, sales, marketing, to now having more of a balance between external strategy AND spending more time developing the intuition and practicing more stillness.

My old belief was that if I spent more time in stillness, focusing on my internal world and intuition, then the business would slow down and the money wouldn’t flow.

But this month, I allowed myself to slow down and prioritize what my soul has been SCREAMING for me to prioritize.

My higher self has been calling out to me saying, it’s time to fulfill your destiny and what truly makes you fulfilled. 

And that is my spiritual gifts s 🦋

This month I started implementing more meditation, stillness, creating ceremonies, kundalini yoga, talking with my guides and asking them questions, leaning back and receiving answers, testing and experimenting more with things that don’t logically make sense.

It’s an entirely new world that doesn’t have a rulebook or a “step by step” which drives me CRAZY because my 2 biggest fears are the fear of getting it wrong and being called out for it, and the fear of rejection.

But with intuition, there is no “proof” or “logic.”  It’s just an inner knowing. It’s just truth. 

Today I had a call with a healer and we played an “intuition” game where I had my eyes closed and she asked me what was inside of the box she was holding.

I tuned in and instantly the word BUTTERFLY was screaming so loud inside of my head s 🦋

She asked what else.

Next I told her a heart, and then I told her Rose Quartz.

The answer? 

→  Her engagement ring ðŸ’  

So was my intuition wrong? Not exactly…

Her husband proposed to her on BUTTERFLY Island. The heart - obviously a symbol of love. And her mother in law gave her rose quartz that night after the proposal.

Even though I didn’t explicitly say that a diamond ring was in the box, my intuition was still speaking in symbols that were meaningful to her.

I was SO SCARED to get the wrong answer. But I leaned in and trusted whatever wanted to come through.

These days my business is split between DOING the business things - creating, selling, launching.

And split between the BEING - prioritizing stillness, intuition, spirituality, channeling, connecting with my higher self, and the unseen.

I was always scared to prioritize it because I didn’t trust myself to “get it right,” Or what if I “get it wrong.” There isn’t a rulebook for me to follow or a step by step guide. 

It seemed like a waste of time to spend even 15 minutes doing “nothing.”

But even though the past month my time is now pretty split between the DOING and the BEING, the money + abundance still flows.

I have been attracting dream clients, opportunities, creativity, travel.


My vibe is so high and my nervous system so relaxed.

I feel like I have become this attraction magnet and so many good things are flowing to me â¤ï¸

I feel so much better and peaceful now that I have re-aligned to the path that works best FOR ME.

The main lesson here is this…


⚡️ ï¸You just have to trust in the silent whispers and nudges of your intuition.

⚡️ Trust yourself. Stop giving your power away to other people.

⚡️ Let go of how you think things “should be,” comparing yourself and how it looks for others.

⚡️ Trust your own path and internal guidance system.

If you feel like things are hard, aren’t working, you feel stagnant or stuck, remember that you’re not alone.

Call on your guides and ask for help.

Then pay attention to the signs they lay in front of you ðŸ¦‹ðŸ¦‹




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