I Used to be ELITE of the Shiny Object Syndrome

business strategy Jun 20, 2023
I Used to be ELITE of the Shiny Object Syndrome

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On Thursday I was on a call with my Business Mentor and I confessed that I felt like I was reverting back to old habits of “shiny object syndrome.”

My word for 2023 is Simplicity - and I was feeling a craving to launch a new Group Offer, jump on TikTok, go all in on my Podcast, and study from 3 different courses on different topics all at the same time.

As a Manifestor in Human Design - one of the skills I had to learn to master is what a true “URGE” feels like, versus just an “idea.”

I used to jump on EVERY SINGLE idea I got, thinking it was smart, and I eventually got SOOO tired.
This was when I was in my era of “launch a brand new offer every month” 

The lesson I had to learn in 2022 is this: NOT EVERY IDEA IS A GOOD IDEA.

AND you don’t have to buy every course or program or offer that makes you feel excited, either. 

I am always having to remind myself to SLOW TF DOWN.

And this is a reminder FOR YOU.

🖤 Where can you make unhurried and steady progress?

🖤 Do you need to stand in your power instead of trying a new strategy after just one week of testing something new or not signing a client?

🖤 Where are you jumping from opportunity to opportunity, and dropping the ball?

Instead of moving too quickly, it’s important that you connect WITHIN to gain insights and wisdom, instead of allowing your EGO to tempt you into moving too quickly.

Society programs us that we need to be millionaires as quickly as possible.

But I guarantee that when you slow down and connect to your heart, you will experience more balance, simplicity, and really learn what TRUE abundance and prosperity feels like. 

The fulfillment comes from within.


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Through having a more SIMPLISTIC business model and offer suite that matches your lifestyle, and adding in a seamless sales flow that aligns with your offers and business model, you will create more recurring revenue so your business and LIFE feels more spacious and nourishing. 


I suffered MAJORLY from perfectionism for years. It's the main reason why I waited to launch this podcast for so long, LOL. As a recovering perfectionist, I'm bringing this juicy new episode to you if you feel like your perfectionism is holding you back from creating your best life.

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