I am building my DREAM VILLA in Bali

Jul 11, 2022

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I decided to build a $245K villa in Bali. The fears and IDENTITY work behind it.

Years ago I fantasized about building my dream villa in Bali, my favorite place in the world. But I never thought it would actually be possible.

Being a foreigner, not speaking the language well, and with so many hoops to jump through and potential ways to get scammed and screwed, it didn’t feel safe to me.

I also didn’t see myself as someone who could actually pull it off. There is no such thing as a mortgage here, you just buy the land and pay for the build IN FULL.

The most money I’ve ever released at one time is $5,000. I did this once for the deposit on a Mastermind AND I did this once when I purchased my first condo back in Columbus, Ohio 4 years ago. 

So the thought of releasing $45,000 USD for the land and then another 65,000 for the build makes my stomach do literal summersaults. 

 And that’s exactly how my insides felt when my boyfriend Geoff messaged me: 

“I got them down to 7 mil per are and do 5 are. Wanna go halves on this? All up it’s around 350,000 AUD ($120,000 USD each).” 

My stomach collapsed into my chest as I looked at the message with both fear and excitement. 

After one deep breath and exhale and typed back, “YES, I AM IN!”

Not going to lie, the past couple of days I have felt so much anxiety surging through my body. 

But the second that I said YES, it’s like EVERYTHING has been working out for me. 

My sister in law back home in Ohio decided to buy my condo that I purchased back in 2017, which meant that I got to SAVE money on selling it  because I didn’t need to involve a realtor. AND my parents, bless them, are helping with EVERYTHING.

The home inspection, the lawyers, scheduling meetings and appointments, the works. My Dad driving to the condo to replace lights and one of the burners on the stove. I am so taken care of and I don’t know what I would do without them. SO GRATEFUL.

So the first part of the project (buying the land) is already taken care of through the selling of my apartment that I bought back when I was a nurse.


I must save $50,000 USD more for the build, and I KNOWWW I don’t work well with pressure. 

One of my biggest lessons in 2021 was that when I had HIGH EXPENSES in my business, I was only focusing on the money that was GOING OUT.  I completely forgot to focus on the money coming in. 

My sales decreased by half and it took me a year to recover because of the crippling stories that I kept telling myself like, “my business is struggling.” and feeling resentful for all of the investments that I made for my business that year like being in a Mastermind, hiring a 1:1 mentor, and buying various courses and programs.

One of the best lessons I have ever received from my current mentor was this:


Just because I didn’t see a “ROI” from my investments right away, doesn’t mean that they won’t serve me for the rest of my life.

All of the investments I made into my business last year have given me the confidence, knowledge, and wisdom to grow a business model that I LOVE this year.

The clients I have been attracting into my world this year have been compounding month after month, with just 2 in my first Group program launch of this year to now nearly 20 in my third group program (including my Mastermind clients).

I have stayed consistent and I have worked on delivering incredible client experiences.

One of the things I don’t want to happen as I open up my channels to receive the abundance necessary to make this Bali villa a reality is put too much PRESSURE and STRESS on myself for things to happen NOW.

“I NEED clients NOW”

“I NEED the money NOW”

Literally sends my nervous system into a spiral.

I trust that things are compounding each month. I am so so happy with the program I am currently about to begin, Radiant & Rich. It will be a masterpiece.

I also have the launch of a year long experience coming, I’m so excited for my next Group program, Ambitious Soul Academy, and then finally launch of my signature Mastermind again in November.

Who knows. I could literally have a $50,000 or even $100,000 month by the end of the year just by trusting that everything is working and that the money will come in its aligned timing.

Just breathing into the relaxation that the universe has my back, and that when I follow my intuition and follow my desires that it will show up. Because IT ALWAYS DOES.

I’m not going to force the money to come now and get all into scarcity mode. I’m trusting that now because my money has a deeper purpose and a fun place to go, that the floodgates are OPENNN.

Truly the way the money will come in is through:  

  1. Creating the channels for it to come in (which I have done)
  2. Aligning to the identity of someone who receives money at that level.

I believe that we are constantly shifting our identity and it’s silly to hold onto one identity for long.

I am always growing and evolving and working on becoming a better version of myself.

So NOW I am working on the inner identity of a leader in the online space who has a seat at the table with the BIG DOGS LOL, the proud owner of a luxe villa in Bali with her partner, and someone who is able to release and receive large sums of money and trusts that it flows back with ease.

I believe that the more PLEASURE I have, the MORE money I receive.

I believe that I am REALLY GOOD with money and that it LOVESS to flow and be in my account. 

I trust that when I follow my DESIRE that I cannot be lead astray. DESIRE is the PATHWAY. DESIRE is the portal. 

I’m so excited to share more of my journey with you. 

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