Just Signed a 2-year Lease in Bali in the Dreamiest Villa

personal growth Jun 14, 2023
Just Signed a 2-year Lease in Bali in the Dreamiest Villa

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I'm literally BUZZING with gratitude and bliss because I just signed a new 2 year lease in Bali in the dreamiest villa.

After visiting Australia for the third time, I realized that Bali is the place that my soul truly thrives.

When I jump on my motorbike and Zhu gets on with me - the feeling is unmatched to anything I’ve ever experienced.

It’s the epitome of freedom- my biggest value in life.

I have pinch me moments in Bali every day.

→ Working out at the gym overlooking the rice paddies.

→ The generosity and kindness of the Balinese people - the smell of incense and their blessings scattered all across the ground

→ The sunsets and coconuts

→ Early morning beach walks

→ The creative energy I feel

Time here works differently. Its slow and fast all at the same time

I experience more aliveness. More simplicity. Gratitude and bliss.

My soul feels home here 

Right now I’m Celebrating life and this villa feels like a new and exciting chapter to represent my rebirth after experiencing a lot of sadness, grief, and confusion in the first half of the year.

I’m finally stepping back back into my power, my radiance, and my magnetism, and although I’m not fully charged up, I can tell I’m almost there.

I’ve had to face my blind spots and really heal and work on myself. It’s been one lesson after another after another. Healing is a bitch lol but I’ve become more self aware than ever and I’m never going to chameleon or abandon myself again.

Excited for this new villa, this new chapter, and to continue thriving in my “high off my own supply” era ï¸ï¸

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