My vibe: Romance the feelings of the future

personal growth Jun 16, 2023
My vibe: Romance the feelings of the future 🌹

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I’ve been going to the beach every morning to do my lil 24 minute Joe Dispenza visualization and it’s actually become my favorite part of the day.

I literally get up from that meditation feeling high AF

But as the day goes on, allllll the old beliefs and emotions of the past tend to pop up, and I am determined to let that sh** go and fall in love with my FUTURE instead.

I’m listening to self concept affirmations overnight while I sleep to reprogram my beliefs, and then waking up and heading to the beach to have some Dr. Joe time

I’m in an era of: go hide away for 3 months and come back in love with myself and with my life.

The journey back to wholeness isn’t easy and I won’t lie some days (like today) I feel really lonely and my first instinct is to seek for validation.

But I know that it’s important for me to sit in my feelings of discomfort until the loneliness goes away and get back to tuning my wifi signal to love/joy/wholeness/obsession with my life again.

I’m doing whatever it takes to lock in the emotions of the future and letting go of the past so I can become the magnet 🧲

No more giving my vital life force and power away and instead I’m using that energy to create a new life

Each day it’s all about playing that movie character role of who you want to be in the future (but in the present moment) and keep on doing it until you’ve reached that future.

My movie character is Allie from The Notebook.

She’s high value, fun, and her laugh and smile is contagious.

That’s the energy I love to radiate out :) ecstasy and bliss!

Who else is “hiding away” for 3 months and in the process of becoming their most radiant self ?! ⚡️⚡️


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t’s LIBRA SZN! This season is all about slowing down and appreciating the beauty & small moments that make life truly magical.

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