Podcast Episode 2 - ABUNDANT AUGUST. The ritual you can do to call in your August Manifestations

manifestation podcast spirituality Feb 01, 2023
ABUNDANT AUGUST. The ritual you can do to call in your August Manifestations

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Hello, my love and welcome back to episode number two of Radiant and Rich. And it’s already August, brand new start to the month. I'm so excited about that. It's also Leo season. And I'm a Leo rising so shout out to all my Leo babes. I love you guys, you got that fire.

Also this week has been a massive initiation for me in terms of self-worth and worthiness, which is a lot of what Leo is all about right being confident being that magnetic, like extroverted lioness. And when we can heal our innate worthiness, we can really shine and radiate our magic and I had a healing a couple of days ago, and it was extremely profound. I'm going to save that for another episode. Because this episode, I really want to dive into some fun rituals that you can do to start off your month in the most magnetic and abundant way. And we're going to be diving into Yeah, just how to call in more abundance in August.



Tomorrow, I am flying to Europe. I'm going to be in Turkey for four days, we're staying at this cute little Luxe resort. I think it's all inclusive, which is great. Hopefully it includes cocktails. I doubt that though, but one can hope. And I'm also going to be doing Sail Croatia for a week, which I'm so excited, because I always wanted to do Sail Croatia, we're doing more of like the VIP. Like it's still gonna be the party boat. But we paid a little bit more money for this boat to hopefully weed out like the 20 year olds. 

I'm so excited because I'm going to be flying to Melbourne, Australia to visit my boyfriend. That's where he lives. And we've been doing a little bit of long distance, I will have gone two months without seeing him. And so I'm going to be staying with him for a month in Melbourne. I'm super excited to see him obviously not excited for the fact that it is winter there. And I'm flying from Bali, and I'm so used to the Bali heat. And it's going to be really cold. So not looking forward to that. But obviously I cannot wait to jump into his arms. I'm so excited. 

Then after that I'm going to be flying over to Hawaii. And I'm super lucky because I got invited to be his date at a wedding in Hawaii. 

Two months of jet setting around. 


The first thing that I would recommend you do is grab a friend who is just really fun and really vibey and wants to do some manifestation with you. So this is what I did. I grabbed my best friend. And what we did was we got a big sheet of paper, it was pretty much like a poster. And it was actually like a post it poster. But we posted this poster board on our wall. 

Then we played some really fun manifestation music. I have been just really loving Ariana Grande. I mean, she's just iconic. And she has that one song that's like, just like magic and you like snap your fingers. So we're playing some manifestation music, and then just dancing around and being so in our feminine and we were just writing all of the things we desire to call in and we desired to manifest. 

What I specifically do because I don't really believe in setting monthly income goals because I have completely eliminated the feeling of pressure in my life and in my business. 

I just intuitively let it flow and let it launch when It felt really good for me. And so setting like, a monthly goal for making, I don't know, like 10k per month or 20k per month, or 50k per month, wherever you're at, in your entrepreneurial coaching, empowerment, business, whatever journey. I feel like that feels really constricting for me. And so what I like to do is I like to write out when I'm manifesting all of my different prosperity channels. 

In the beginning of my business, I only had and would launch one program at a time, and I didn't really have the space or the capacity to be selling different things at one time. 

As I've grown in my leadership, and in my ability to hold more space, I now have a lot of different ways for money to flow to me. 

I wrote out all the different prosperity channels. So it's like, I look at everything, I'm like, okay, I can open up five spots to the mastermind, I can call in or really aligned high ticket one on one client, I can bring in some Voxer clients, I'm also launching this year long experience called Becoming. 

And I can just do little flash sales here and there. 

What I did was I wrote out, like a big goal for how many women I could bring in with each of the prosperity channels. And then I added up all of the income, and it ended up being like, I don't know, so close to 100,000. And it was like $99,000 in sales. 

What feels super fun for me is I just tap into the energy of like, holy freaking shit. Like, there's literally $100,000 floating around in my orbit right now like floating and all around like Instagram lland, my email list, like who it's just everywhere. 

What I do is I'll do a 10 minute visualization, which I will, it's just a 10 minute one I found on YouTube. It's freaking amazing. I've manifested so many things through this visualization. 

What I'll do is I will listen to the visualization once or twice per day. And then I will feel just feel into the feelings of this $100,000 floating to me. And of course, I know you're all master manifestor, but releasing the how is so so, so important when it comes to calling in your manifestation. 

It's like, I don't care how the money comes to me, whatever prosperity channel it wants to flow to me, totally available for it. And I like to do visualizations more than I like to do meditations. 

If you're someone who really wants to tap more into your feminine, I find that just meditating with discipline feels and like with no movement feels a bit more masculine in nature. But visualizations are cool, because it's like you're being guided. And then you could just lean back and listen to the guided visualization. And what I like to do is I actually like to move my body as I'm listening. And just like pulling energy up from my root to my crown chakra. And just like, I don't know, almost like feeling turned on and feeling sexy by the visualization that I'm listening to. 

Every single time I swear, every time I get up from this visualization, my main priority is to feel different. 

Each time I get up from the visualization, I get up with more certainty, and more clarity, but mostly more certainty that the visualization and my desires and what I desire to call in is a done deal. 

When I'm really, really tapped into these heightened and elevated emotions, and feelings of what I desire to manifest to come to me, the manifestation cannot help but either be one magnetized to me, because I'm thinking different thoughts, and I'm feeling different feelings. It's like, I am now able, I'm stepping into my next level, higher self, and I'm able to take different aligned actions. 

Today, for example, when I woke up from the visit visualization, I was just like, okay, we're recording podcast number two, right? Instead of just waiting around and perfectionism, I was gonna wait to launch the podcast later. I'm like, Nah, my next level stuff self is just, you know, someone who takes messy inspired action. 

What's really important is really when it comes to manifestation, you really want to be focusing more on shifting your thoughts and feelings and shifting your identity versus going straight into the question of what do I need to do to make this manifestation happen. And it's all about relaxing into the knowing that this manifestation is flowing to me. And it's timing aligned. 

I am not available for any pressure, or any stress or urgency in my business, I swear to you, urgency is the number one killer of manifestation. So we really in our online businesses need to learn how to navigate the void between where we are now and where we desire to go. Without feeling like where we are now is lack or where we are now isn't good enough. 

Your entire life is a void between where you are now and where you desire to go. And as feminine magical women, we are always going to desire more. It's literally just our feminine nature. We're going to be desiring more beauty, we're going to always want to be bettering ourselves, we're going to want more money, we're going to want more happiness, we're going to want more love, that is literally normal, because we're female, and being connected to our desires as women is just a totally normal feminine thing.

When we are seeking our desires from the space of like she is so much farther ahead of me, and where I am, now, this really just feels like lack, then, when you get your desire, it still will feel like lack. And it's going to be this really annoying, constant seeking of feeling good externally outside of yourself and seeking that external validation and seeking out external things to feel good. 

The real magic is learning how to feel good and you and shifting your internal world, regardless of what is happening in the external. So a lot of times what happens is we wait for something external to happen in order to feel good. So let's say for example, you're in the launch of one of your programs. And you it's like a pre-sale of it, and you have someone buy the program right away. And you're like, Oh, yes, I feel really good. Now I'm going to jump on my Instagram stories, I'm going to talk about the offer and the most excited way, because I'm getting confident because of the external, but the hard part is actually switching so that you focus more on feeling good on the internal first, instead of like, only feeling good when the external things are happening, right?

Let's say you desire to sign 20 women, and to your newest and most exciting program, but only two women have joined, can you continue to work on your innate worthiness and surrender even more, and continue nourishing yourself and filling up your cup and feeling that wholeness inside of you, knowing that regardless of how many women choose to work with you, literally like it doesn't even fucking matter because you're so good. And you either way, and you know, you're safe.

We are really playing in this coaching industry from a space of desire. You're here because you desire more, you desire more freedom, you desire more wealth, you desire more impact, you desire that legacy, right? But if where you are now is in the lack, we attract what we are. So your business is never going to give you that safety. And you really have to source that safety internally from yourself. And from that space of desire, and from letting go of any and all urgency in your business, like I need to sign the clients faster, I need the money to get here. Now I need to just like move, move, right? 

You really are going to start to manifest with much greater ease. So create your prosperity channels and get curious like, wow, look at all of the potential ways that money can flow to me like wow, there is literally I don't know, what your prosperity channels are. But it's like, oh my gosh, if you know, stretch yourself, there could be potentially 20 or $30,000 just floating around your orbit. Right? That's so cool. That's so much fun.

Then you get to relax and continue to embody the version of you, who already has whatever that stretchy goal is. So for me, it's potentially $100,000 and it's floating around me. So all I get to do is I get to shift my thoughts and my feelings and continue shedding the layers of my identity and who I know myself to be so if you guys are really into Dr. Joe Dispenza. This really comes down to you know, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, which is a book I highly, highly, highly recommend. It's the book that I'm taking with me to Australia and hopefully I'm probably not going to get through it all because let's be real, it's a very dense book. It's very scientific. 

Honestly, the key to everything is just breaking the habit of being yourself and shedding layers of your identity.

And yeah, that is what I have for you today. And I'm so excited.

I just want to say thank you so much for tuning into the episode. It means the freaking world to me like I've been wanting to launch this podcast for so long, and it's finally here. And this was so much fun to record.

And yeah, the next time you hear from me, I will probably either be in Europe or Australia.

So I will talk to you soon. Goodbye!!

Happy manifesting!

Happy Leo season, and shine your light and I love you.


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