The 2 Biggest Mistakes I Made When Investing in Mentorship

business strategy personal brand Apr 28, 2023
The 2 Biggest Mistakes I Made When Investing in Mentorship

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I have been seeing some trends in the way that coaches are investing with me AND in the way people are investing with my clients.

If you are at a point in time where you're READYYYY and HEATHING to make an investment in your personal development as a coach/mentor, below are 2 of the biggest mistakes that I made in my 5 years of investing in the coaching world so you can avoid them and save yourself fuck tons of money.


As an EGO Manifestor, I have made this mistake so many times it’s not even funny.

I see a coach making stupid amounts of money, flaunting their Stripe Screenshots, and I invest because hey, I want to make bank.

Here’s what typically ends up happening down the road inside of the container → 

I end up getting super triggered because I don’t agree with HOW they are running their business, their values, their lifestyle, the level of support, etc.

Please for the love of God, don’t invest in someone just because they are earning $100K months.

Invest in someone because you genuinely align with their mission, beliefs, values, what they stand for. You love their PERSONAL BRAND!

I invest in someone who can help me achieve what I desire AND do it in a way that aligns with my values.

If I desire to work 3 hour days, I’m not going to go and invest with a mentor who is working 10 hour days and has no life. Or someone who only shows the highlight reel and never shows the struggle. 


Recently I’ve been selling out my 1 Month Intensives and my 1 week “Quickie Sessions” and I’m over the MOOOOOON.

But when it comes to clients committing longer term, they are definitely more hesitant. WHY?!

I will tell you one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES I made in my coaching career that I kept on making for 2 years.

And that was the mistake of Coach Hopping and suffering from a serious case of Shiny Object Syndrome. 

At one point, I was working with a 1:1 Business Strategist, a Human Design/Manifestation/Spiritual Coach, AND in Alpha Femme’s AFE. 

You know what this does?

It confuses the fuck out of you. You are absorbing so many differing opinions, information, and it’s impossible to implement and and integrate what you’re learning.

It's just too much information for your subconscious to take in.

The best thing I ever did was invest in one mentor for 8 months, only follow her, unfollow all other coaches, and implement everything she had to say and I actually got wayyyyy better results than when I was coach hopping around.

You have to give yourself TIME to see results. Implement for 60-90 days, see if what you’re doing is working, then make small shifts and readjust.

Instead of investing in lots of different mentors, trying all of these different strategies, and overwhelming yourself in the process, find one mentor you REALLY resonate with.

Whose Values, Beliefs, Life, Way of BEING, and RESULTS they have achieved align with what you desire.

Let them guide you over a longer period of time so you can experience extreme clarity and direction in what you should be doing, instead of feeling scatterbrained and overwhelmed.

👏 This is why Ascension Mastermind is 4 months long. 👏

Because after running Masterminds for 5 years, I know that it takes my clients AT LEAST 90 days of consistency for the momentum and compound effect to kick in.

My clients understand that there is no such thing as “instant gratification” and are happy to implement my strategies and systems consistently because they are SIMPLE and FUN AF.

I have simple systems + strategies for Personal Branding, Messaging, Audience Growth, and Offer Creation/Suite and Passive Income that my clients are OBSESSED WITH and gush over.


🔥 Investing in Ascension Mastermind in MAY and spending the ENTIRE MONTH focusing solely on YOUR PERSONAL BRAND. Discovering your X-FACTOR, doubling down on what makes you unique, developing your Brand Frameworks, Buzz words, creating content that increases your visibility AND makes your audience froth over you and getting SO CLEAR on your Brand Mission, Vision, and Beliefs that set you apart from everyone else in your industry.

🔥 Now it's June. Your audience is becoming OBSESSED with you because you have your Personal Brand and your content dialed in. Now it's time to refine your MESSAGING. You're READYYY for a higher caliber, premium client. You're confident + ready to raise your rates. Now things are really clicking and inbound DM's are coming in regularly to work with you. Your Ever-enrolling offers are filling because you have been applying the sales structures I have been teaching and you're building recurring revenue.

🔥 Now it's JULY. YOU ARE GLOWING because not only are sales rolling in, but you have been thriving alongside your Mastermind sisters and the energy is so high vibe and it's HOT GIRL SUMMER! You're now so unapologetic + confident in the transformation you provide for your clients and in the mastery of what you teach that it's time to focus on VISIBILITY and AUDIENCE GROWTH. People are asking you to be a guest on their podcasts, you're growing your audience AND you're starting to expand your OFFER SUITE.

🔥 NOW IT'S AUGUST. You have NAILED your Personal Brand. NAILED your messaging. NAILED your visibility. You are so clear on your offer suite and launch plan for the rest of the year AND you are so clear on your vision as a Personal Brand for the next 3-5 years. You have learned TIMELESS strategies on sales, marketing, and messaging, and made lifelong friends. You have recurring revenue, booked out offers, and extreme clarity on how to scale your coaching business to consistent 5 figure months through simplicity.


Imagine where you be when you decide to fully commit for 4 months.

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Are you feeling a bit bored with your business + with your content lately? Maybe you’re lacking passion and excitement? Maybe your engagement is lower than usual? Or you’re finding it harder to sign clients consistently?

I FEEL YOU! I have been in this season of blahhh before and I’m here to light you up again and bring you back into the ECSTASY of your business again!

How to know it’s time to start focusing on your PERSONAL BRAND

In this episode I’m going to be diving into:

→ Why the most important thing to focus on in 2023 should be your PERSONAL BRAND

→ How to know it’s time to start focusing on your PERSONAL BRAND

→ Things to focus on when growing your Personal Brand

→ How you can STAND OUT amongst others EVEN when you don’t have a “niche”



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