The Secret to Aligned Sales

business strategy Jan 27, 2021
The Secret to Aligned Sales

The most important thing about sales isn’t the TACTICS or the STRATEGIES. Yes, they work. However, if you aren’t in the IDENTITY of that 6 figure online entrepreneur, the tactics and strategies won’t work for you anyways OR they might work but when you make money, you won’t be able to KEEP the money.


Ask yourself,  what are your beliefs around money + success?

➤ Is it that everyone already has a coach or there aren’t enough clients to go around?

➤ That you feel like you don’t know enough to give your clients enough value?

➤ That you have to burn out + work hard to be successful?

➤ That you can make money but I can’t hold onto it? 

➤ That you have to show up like HER or do business like HER to be successful?


At any given second, our subconscious mind is processing 2.3 million bits of information. It then will delete, distort, and generalize this information based on your own filters and metaprograms , which consist of past memories, decisions, beliefs, values, & your identity.


You subconscious will NEVER MAKE YOU A LIAR. Whatever comes in through your filters will be aligned with the things you already believe. 


✰ If you already believe that you’re worthy, then when you look at the outside world, you will hear + feel + see differently. You will attract abundance and dream clients and sales + see that your courses + coaching programs are SO WORTHY ✰


On the FLIP SIDE; if you don’t feel worthy of success and you think sales is hard and making money is hard, then when you look into the outside world that is what you will see because when the 2.3 million bits of information comes in, your subconscious mind will delete, distort, and generalize it based on your negative filters. 


✰ Your subconscious mind doesn’t want to make you a liar so these filters WILL NOT SERVE YOU.


Our internal state is that thermometer that is going to calibrate and let us know what frequency we are vibrating at. If the thermometer is low, we will see low frequency things that attract into our lives. 

These beliefs are on autopilot and are keeping you in the same place… BUT you can CHANGE THIS AT ANY MOMENT!

When you make new choices around WHO YOU ARE and how money and sales get to work for you then everything changes. 


The secret to more sales is IDENTITY work

➤ How do you view yourself?

➤ What are your beliefs around sales? 

➤ If you believe that people love to pay you, you will feel confident when you’re on an enrollment call.

➤ What identity do you give yourself? Are other people better than you? Are you putting them on a pedestal?


I used to put Manifestation Babe on a pedestal and think she was like wayyyyyyyyy up there.. Then it made it seem as if she is better than me and that I’m way down here. But people feel that off of you. 


“People feel what you feel about YOU.”
- Aaron Doughty


Instead, see everyone as NEUTRAL. Manifestation Babe just caught a big break just like anyone else. You’re just as smart and capable and her success doesn’t take away from your success.


I used to put $10K months on a pedestal.


But when you put things on a pedestal, it can create resistance and block it from coming into your life. If all you’re thinking is, I’ll be happy when I have $10K months + you try and control the outcome and make the $10K months the most important thing, you’ve created resistance and blocked it. 

The biggest lesson I learned in 2020 is to release and let go of attachment to the outcome because it allows the resistance to go away. Don’t “chase” because if you’re chasing + wanting something, it’s like you’re vibrationally saying that it’s hard to make or that it’s not natural for you to have it.


Money (and clients) will run away from you if you chase it. Money is a masculine energy. We don’t want to be needy females chasing after men. We own our queen power and money is attracted to pleasure, power, and passion.


Focus on your own energy, how you see yourself, and how you show up in the world. 


What does money feel like to you?  Does it feel like security, happiness, playfulness, freedom, or joy? 🤔


You must FEEL THAT NOW. 


To me, money feels like FREEDOM. So I choose to FEEL FREE NOW

When I got fired from my nursing job I could have gotten a travel nurse assignment, saved up $15,000 and THEN moved to Bali. 

But I chose to FEEL FREE FIRST.

Then the money followed because it’s in alignment with how my soul wants to feel. Money doesn’t work in time. It works in alignment. 

I flow throughout my day moment by moment. Do I want to go to the gym? Which cafe? Do I need a nap? I give myself permission to be myself. To be abundant and show up how my soul wants! Feel the emotions that money brings to you and it comes quicker. 


That’s embodiment. The missing link to manifestation.

“I am laura + I’m a millionaire online entrepreneur but am I feeling how that feels in my body?

When you feel it in your body and you close your eyes and you visualize it in your imagination,  your subconscious can’t tell the difference. 

When I focus on my own energy, I am more magnetic and I don’t have to “hustle” and work so hard and I carry myself differently. I’m more at peace and people feel that.


“When you are quantum shifting, it is important to lock in these frequencies in your body and feel this in your body first. As you’re grounding, being, feeling, enjoying life, you are reminding yourself that it’s safe for you to receive these frequencies and rise to these higher frequencies.”
- Christine Michelle


Who is the identity of who you get to wake up and be each morning?


👉🏼 Identity: I am a Powerful manifestor + creator, founder of a million dollar personal development brand who helps women step into their power and attract abundance with ease

👉🏼 What are the FEELINGS you want to feel as this next level identity + EMBODY this frequency and feel it in your body.


My 2021 Vibration: Energy, Superabundance, flowy, powerful, magnetic, peaceful

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