The Secret to Signing Dream Clients: AUTHENTICITY | How to Become AUTHENTIC AF

personal brand Jun 12, 2023
The Secret to Signing Dream Clients: AUTHENTICITY | How to Become AUTHENTIC AF

This post is about The secret to effortlessly calling in your dream clients lies in how well you are able to broadcast your AUTHENTICITY out into the world. If you like this, make sure to jump into my free Telegram Community, The Femme Club, where I host weekly 10-15 minute trainings on business, sales, marketing, mindset, manifestation, feminine energetics, spirituality and more!

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The secret to effortlessly calling in your dream clients lies in how well you are able to broadcast your AUTHENTICITY out into the world.

When you become your authentic self, you attract your authentic tribe. 

But HOWWWW do you be authentic?

It first starts with looking at your self concept.
What movie character are you playing? What role? Are you EXCITED for this role? Are you even AWARE of what character you’re playing?

Who even are you? What types of workout classes do you like? What food? Where do you like to travel? What books? What podcasts? What are your values and boundaries? What do you LIKE?!

Once you get clear on who YOU ARE, you become soooo much more clear and SIMPLE when you’re expressing yourself. You care less about what other people think about you because you are so good in you.

Abundance flows in your life when you’re true to yourself and what makes you happy - and you’re not going to abandon your happiness to people please for someone else.

Next look at your TONE.

Are you speaking without a filter? People are either going to like you, or not like you.

If they don’t, it literally just means that they aren’t your soul family. You’re not meant to be a match for everyone. And if you’re chameleoning yourself for validation and approval - that means you’re abandoning yourself (and honestly, manipulating others)

THE UNIVERSE DOES NOT LIKE THAT and it’s an abundance killer.

So speak how you naturally speak, with all of your weird quirks, mannerisms, tone of voice, expression. Don’t dim or try to mold yourself or try and speak like someone else.

Literally just speak unfiltered. THIS is how you become magnetic to the people who are meant to hear you.

Your voice is a FREQUENCY - when you speak, that frequency radiates out. Your soul family is going to hear it.

Growth and prosperity happens when you connect with your authentic self + your soul family. You ATTRACT dream clients when you become AUTHENTIC.

When you’re so full of BLISS and JOY and you’re genuinely excited and passionate about what you’re doing AND you don’t give a fuck about anyone else because you’re doing you.

It’s the era of: I’m Getting HIGH off my own SUPPLY


Why you need to be focusing on your PERSONAL BRAND and how you can get started growing yours 

This year I went through a MASSIVE pivot. I disassembled my current business model, created a new sales & marketing process, got more strategic with my content, AND I gained so much clarity on my PERSONAL BRAND.

It was the PERSONAL BRAND that allowed me to call in the most clients. My uniqueness, my X-Factor, my beliefs and what I stand for, my mission, allowed me to slice through the noise in the industry and sign aligned clients when it seemed like everyone else was in an ebb and struggling.

Want to know how you can get started in more strategically growing your personal brand? Tune into the episode to learn WHY it’s important to focus on your brand, and how you can get started doing it today :)






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