The Ultimate SALES + VISIBILITY Vortex

business strategy personal brand Mar 14, 2023
The Ultimate SALES + VISIBILITY Vortex

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Are you multi passionate, obsessed with teaching ALLL the things, but when you go to post content, you have NOO idea what to post?!

I have been there!

Content can feel super overwhelming and annoying when you don’t have a strategy in place and you feel like you’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall HOPING clients will reach out to work with you.

But when you’re always just winging it, without understanding basic sales psychology and what actually gets people to fall in love with your brand, trust you, and ultimately buy from you, then eventually you can burn TF out and fall out of love with your business.

Inside of my new free 3 Day workshop, Romanticize Your Business, I’m going to show you exactly how I create a daily sales and visibility Vortex that with consistency will grow your business to five figure months working just 3 hours per day.

It’s time to Romanticize TF out of your Business again and get back to creating ART๐ŸŒน

Because when the MASCULINE in your business is taken care of, the feminine is free to feel safe and tap back into her magnetism and creativity.

This workshop is perfect for you if:

→ You’re tired of being in feast and famine with your money, always starting at 0 and you’re ready to put together a simplified offer suite that creates stability and safety so you can start your months already at $10K+

→ You’re ready to get out of being in “creator mode” and “launch mode” all the time and learn a more effective and smarter way to grow and scale 

→ You’re ready to learn what the FOUNDATIONAL GAPS are in your business and how to fix them so that you can sell out your offers and start stacking your income.

You will walk away from this 3 day workshop series with total clarity on how you can refine your offer suite & set up your business foundations so you can rinse and repeat all the way to 6 figures and beyond.


I will be delivering the trainings daily via email & to my Telegram Community March 15th-17th

See You There!


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Are you feeling a bit bored with your business + with your content lately? Maybe you’re lacking passion and excitement? Maybe your engagement is lower than usual? Or you’re finding it harder to sign clients consistently?

I FEEL YOU! I have been in this season of blahhh before and I’m here to light you up again and bring you back into the ECSTASY of your business again!

How to know it’s time to start focusing on your PERSONAL BRAND

In this episode I’m going to be diving into:

→ Why the most important thing to focus on in 2023 should be your PERSONAL BRAND

→ How to know it’s time to start focusing on your PERSONAL BRAND

→ Things to focus on when growing your Personal Brand

→ How you can STAND OUT amongst others EVEN when you don’t have a “niche”




If you’ve been in a cycle of IDEA →  CREATE → LAUNCH this year and you’re feeling a little tired and wanting to SIMPLIFY your business and offer suite, I have a juicy episode for you.

Why launching new offers all the time may not be working for you (and what to think about instead)

Inside we cover ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

→ Why launching new things all the time may be leading to a DECREASE in your sales

→ 3 things to think about if you want MORE people inside of your containers (and no, it’s not working on your mindset)

→ The POWER around building awareness around your offers and personal Brand




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