You can't build an Iconic Personal Brand without having a strong SELF CONCEPT first.

personal brand personal growth Jun 08, 2023
You can't build an Iconic Personal Brand without having a strong SELF/CONCEPT first

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The secret to instant manifestation 🦋🖤👇🏻

Your self concept is the perception of the person that you think you are and how you believe others perceive you.

Essentially your self concept is the “I am” statements you believe about yourself.

I am smart.
I am lovable.
People love to be around me.
I am a vibe.
I am abundant.
Everything always works out for me


Oftentimes - we describe ourselves based on the things that have happened to us, and then we tend to REPEAT these stories about ourselves.

For example, you were bullied growing up and so you now have a story that you’re unlovable and that girls don’t like you and who you are isn’t enough.

And so you start to re-live the past in the present moment.

Your subconscious mind ALWAYS wants to prove you right.


So if you have a limiting belief in your self/concept that says, “Girls don’t like me” - then YOU ARE RIGHT.  

Your RAS is going to go out and SEEK OUT EXAMPLES and EXPERIENCES to build up evidence and prove that in fact, girls don’t like you and you’re unlovable.

You’re going to go to a party and with this belief, you may act shy & unapproachable. Girls then won’t make an effort with you and your subconscious mind will go: “SEE. I TOLD YOU. GIRLS DON’T LIKE YOU.”

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So you can have these big dreams to have an iconic Personal Brand, with a big platform with hundreds of thousands of Instagram or TikTok followers and thriving business, but when you have limiting beliefs in your self/concept, you will keep hitting a plateau over and over again.

If you want to manifest at hyper speed and create an entirely new reality for yourself, you must eradicate the limiting beliefs in your self concept to be one of what you want to attract.

Who do you want to be?

Are there things you want to change about yourself?

What stories do you need to let go of so the new you can emerge?


This year I went through a MASSIVE pivot. I disassembled my current business model, created a new sales & marketing process, got more strategic with my content, AND I gained so much clarity on my PERSONAL BRAND.

It was the PERSONAL BRAND that allowed me to call in the most clients. My uniqueness, my X-Factor, my beliefs and what I stand for, my mission, allowed me to slice through the noise in the industry and sign aligned clients when it seemed like everyone else was in an ebb and struggling.

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Why you need to be focusing on your PERSONAL BRAND and how you can get started growing yours






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