You don't need a NICHE. You need an X FACTOR

business strategy feminine energy personal brand Feb 28, 2023
You don't need a NICHE. You need an X FACTOR

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As a Multi Passionate Manifestor, I have always thrived without a niche.

I could talk for days about Personal Branding, Messaging, Launch Strategy, Marketing, etc ⚡️

But then switch and talk about the subconscious mind, Gene Keys, Feminine Energetics, Manifestation, spirituality.

If you follow me and my content, maybe you can relate.


But even as a “generalist” I still always wanted to have a “thing” that I’m known for.

So I spent the last couple months trying to figure it out.

I started asking my past clients questions like…

✔️ Why did you choose me?

✔️ What about who I am, the results I’ve gotten for my clients, my quirks, & how I make you feel made you want to work with me?

✔️ How have I impacted you, even if it’s just in a small way?

And it all started to come together.

It had to do with my free spirit, #romanticizingmylife, a balanced lifestyle of prioritizing things OTHER than just the business, like working out, travel, friendships + relationships.

And so I finally came up with MY THING!

That “niche” I craved all along that makes me stand TF out from the thousands of other Business Coaches.

My X Factor is 👇🏻

I help you create a dreamy AF LIFESTYLE alongside of your thriving business.

I’m for the women who crave balance and don’t want their entire life to be centered around their business.

You want a simplified business model and offer suite + Sales Strategy that doesn’t require you to be turned on 24/7 so you can actually LIVE YOUR LIFE 🦋

I see a lot of business coaches who DON’T have a life. All they do is work. It’s obvious.

You never see them traveling, out with friends, working out, doing fun things.

It’s ONLY business and it’s all you hear them talk about. Yeah they may be making lots of money but their life is out of balance.

If you want to STAND OUT online - you can be a specialist and have a niche.


If you’re multi passionate like me- it’s time for you to figure out what makes you unique and what makes you stand out ❤️‍🔥⚡️

What’s your X Factor?

And then start to market the shit out of it 😏


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This is a 1 Month Personal Branding Intensive for the Multi Passionate who desires to become HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER as a Personal Brand, up level her content & messaging to call in more premium clients and create a simplified offer suite and sales plan to create more consistent cash flow and hit consistent 5 figure months. 

It includes 3 1:1 calls, M-F Voxer Support, and a customized roadmap and Trello Board so you know exactly what you need to be doing.

Inside we will cover:

→ Personal Brand + Sales Strategy for more consistent sales + impact 

→ Audience Growth and Visibility Strategies that allow you to get in front of NEW people consistently and fill your offers

→Messaging to sign more premium clients

→ Offer Suite + Launch Planning for a Business Model that fits your lifestyle

→ Personal Brand Building on Your Email List

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I just had a new podcast episode drop all about How to know it’s time to start focusing on your PERSONAL BRAND

Are you feeling a bit bored with your business + with your content lately? Maybe you’re lacking passion and excitement? Maybe your engagement is lower than usual? Or you’re finding it harder to sign clients consistently?

I FEEL YOU! I have been in this season of blahhh before and I’m here to light you up again and bring you back into the ECSTASY of your business again!

In this episode I’m going to be diving into:

→ Why the most important thing to focus on in 2023 should be your PERSONAL BRAND

→ How to know it’s time to start focusing on your PERSONAL BRAND

→ Things to focus on when growing your Personal Brand

→ How you can STAND OUT amongst others EVEN when you don’t have a “niche”





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